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How popular is the woodworking cnc machine

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    The present era is an era of increasing material abundance, and people's pursuit of quality of life has also reached a new stage.The classical art that people thinks to be a luxury to live in adorn article, also enter the home of common people extensively gradually.
    Especially since 2013, the market of classical art home accessories shows a good momentum of both supply and demand.At the same time, the market has also put forward higher requirements on the production capacity of enterprises, which makes the enterprise production mode to the intelligent, large-scale, professional mode of transformation.This inevitably causes the production enterprise in the equipment selection, the technical specification, the management operation pattern and so on aspect to produce the brand-new reform.For example: due to the progress of numerical control processing technology, numerical control woodworking engraving machine is gradually used in a large number of wood products production, thus changing the dominant position of traditional manual carving, but also greatly improve the production efficiency;In addition, the technical personnel requirements of production enterprises have changed, and intelligent technology applied talents have become the new favorite.The situation has developed so far, CNC woodworking engraving machine production products can achieve almost exactly the same effect, and hand carving will not achieve the carving effect almost exactly the same, can only achieve the maximum degree of similarity.
    Have a lot of Chinese family to decorate pursuit archaize style, restoring ancient ways wind, think this is a kind of vogue, archaize furniture also follows tide and come.Archaize furniture above all outstanding is copy, imitate namely, imitate, another is archaize, point to the domestic appliance that personify ancient person USES daily, basically point to bed, ark desk, chair.In recent years, with the gradual emergence of the humanistic value of archaize furniture, it is more and more loved by people.Archaize furniture is made with annatto material qualitative have artistic breath and culture to pass on value more, the archaize furniture that the price also is opposite other material qualitative is taller.Annatto furniture basically is to point to the furniture that USES red sandalwood, acerbic wood (black acerbic acid branch red acerbic acid branch, with white acerbic acid branch), ebony, hua Limu, chicken wing is ligneous become, in addition the lumber makes furniture cannot call annatto furniture.
    Chinese classical furniture is represented by furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, it sets Chinese classical traditional culture and traditional skills in one, reflecting the unique temperament of Chinese household culture.The Chinese classic furniture that has long history tradition now shake off the dust-laden of history, become the new favorite of a few fashionable white-collar families, formed tide of a classic furniture, bring people a wisp not to have the ancient charm of the feeling.
    Classical furniture contains rich history and culture of the Chinese nation, category is rich, culture has a long history, from the palace appropriative car, car, desk, chair, case, screen, pier, wooden lamp, and to the people we used screen, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, cabinets, clothes closet, much bao ge, has formed a complete system of Chinese classical furniture production."Classical furniture" will old furniture leisurely ancient charm and modern advocate realistic aesthetic pursuit of harmony, bring out the best in each other, dressed up the modern household life.Generally speaking, the modelling of bright type furniture washes practice easy, spirit charm is active, reflected a kind of contracted and lively style, have a kind of "natural go carve" artistic character;The qing type furniture becomes the outstanding person in the classical furniture with its exquisite carving, graceful and elegant.Many classical furniture processing, improvement, copy mostly along the Ming, Qing furniture of the vein, and "classical furniture hardwood furniture is also mainly Ming and Qing style.
    Archaize, imitate not only is appearance, also be spirit charm.The carve on wood, it is the intuitive feeling that reveals spirit charm, your lasting appeal came out, so archaize became half.Xin kai nc combined with real wood furniture woodworking relief engraving machine engraving requirements development, suitable for processing all kinds of hollow out, reliefs, annatto furniture, furniture cabinet door, art embossment screen, window, embossed craft gifts, wood art murals, carpentry, calligraphy carving, picture frames, electrical counter top, sports equipment, efficient violin surface, fine carving, carving out texture, is extremely lifelike, contain artistically.

    The problems existing in the application of CNC woodworking in the wood processing industry
    1. The management of the enterprise has erroneous understandings
    CNC woodworking engraving machine is a new thing for the senior managers of many companies, so there will be a wrong understanding, in the process of daily use is easy to appear a kind of problem: processing quality is low, efficiency is not high, waste of energy phenomenon exists, managers see but do not know the existence of waste.
    2. Insufficient technical personnel
    2.1 The designer's low vectorization accuracy of graphics leads to low machining efficiency
    Domestic high-tech universal CNC woodworking engraving machine equipment into the furniture manufacturing industry has been changing with each passing day.But the development of equipment is much faster than the growth of talent, equipment use types of more, but really capable engraving machine operators are few and far between.For carving design, the vectorization of the contour of the figure will affect the carving effect and machining efficiency.For example, some carved areas do not form a closed vector, will affect the generation of relief.If some quantities form intersection points, the algorithm cannot be optimized, resulting in an increase in the number of unnecessary knife lifting, affecting the engraving efficiency.
    2.2 The designer's ability to optimize tool path is weak
    Some enterprises due to the lack of professional control technicians or existing technical personnel did not update the technical training in time, often appear some unnecessary mistakes in engraving design.For example, the generation of relief engraving tool path, did not consider the tool will have interference problems;Some have used too much short - line processing instead of arc processing, resulting in the processing program is too large.Such as these problems are because these enterprises are eager to embark on the new CNC machining project, and the supporting technical preparation did not keep up with the cause.

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