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How to choose a three-dimensional engraving machine?

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    What is three-dimensional sculpture?It is not simply a rotation axis that is called three-dimensional sculpture.As is known to all, ordinary engraving machine has three axes, namely XYZ this three axis, all engraving machine at least three axes, three-dimensional carving is how many axes?It could be four axes or five axes or even six axes, which are the six axes?There are three axes XYZ, and three rotating axes ABC. The axis rotating about X is axis A, Y corresponds to B, and corresponding to C. However, no matter how you process it, you can only process five faces at one time and install one face.It's called the five axes.
    Five axis, from the price, the hardware is quite expensive, few domestic software with it, are quoted foreign software, and out of the knife road more trouble, which limits its wide application.
    And again, four axes cnc router, just one more axis of rotation, it doesn't matter which axis it is.If you subdivide the four axes, you have four axes and three linkage and four linkage, what does linkage mean?That is, at most, several axes are moving at once.What's the effect of this?Of course, it has an influence on the carving method. The more linkage, the more complicated the carving process is.But generally carving factory house says four axis has a multilayer, which requires customer friend ask understand, or you'll fall into the "trap", "false" four shaft has the look of four axis is empty, but is the theory of the three axis, why will appear this kind of phenomenon, from sculpture, a few small such as olive nuclear size of samples in the process of carving deformation is small, the bas-relief carvings is suitable for use false four axis, there are dragon post, some symmetrical or circular pattern suitable for carving, but for some asymmetric or square, rectangular, in the process of carving deformation is too big, not suitable for false four shaft,So those carving avalokitesvara or Buddha decorations customers do not consider this false four axis.
    The true four-axis is more expensive than the false four-axis, the false four-axis USES the fine carving knife path, the true four-axis USES the PM to create the knife path.True four axis is to use PM to carve the knife path, PM this software is also cracked, domestic software technology is poor, so this software is known to be the most commonly used, but the calculation of knife path is slow.Engraving efficiency is also low.But Chinese can make up for inefficiency by carving more than one sculpture at a time.This is the multi-head engraving machine.But many manufacturers will not do so, they do not use a finished sculpture, but divided and carved.This process efficiency is higher.
    Say to carve below, general manufacturer can ask the diameter that you carve how old, carve length how old, just recommend machine to you.Three-dimensional sculpture nor can carve is infinite, also need to consider many aspects, plane and three-dimensional machine axis carved rough 10 centimeters, may have higher machine widened, etc., and even result in an increase in the cost budget three-dimensional carving must want to consider the diameter size, this is related to the length of the cutting tool, such as carved wood 40 centimeters in diameter, in some places, the engraving depth more than 15 cm tools don't diao long how you engraving.It is necessary to make extension cutters, which are usually more expensive.
    Analysis of the effect of carving out a sample.Three-dimensional sculpture has to have a head or two are clamped, so the sculpture is definitely not the finished product, but a lot of people think that machine sculpture is the finished product, this is wrong, but also impossible.And the sample carved out more or less some dead corners, these dead corners are less than machine carving place, the place of these dead corners is the place that needs manual repair, need to have certain manual carving foundation.In particular, large objects, carved out of the sample distortion is very large, this must rely on manual processing, not only manual carving, and later polishing and so on.Do not have relevant experience, buy stereo engraving machine please carefully consider.How many sales staff said, a little repair later on the line, just because you buy the machine, the latter did not make a sample.Is craft really that simple?Not only sculpture, but also deburring, sandpaper little by little polishing, from a hundred to more than a thousand eyes, to the later cloth wheel, every step is hand abuse.You said it would be a simple repair, but it might take one day to finish.
    The above mentioned is still a body sculpture, this is relatively low-level, repair is relatively simple.Many other customers have sent pictures, it is very complicated, can the machine carve?Many people do not know the industry, because they think that the sculpture is one, but the life of those large decorations which have so many one, which involves another level, patchwork.That is, split sculpture, will be a three-dimensional decorations divided into a number of parts, respectively sculpture with machines, the final patchwork together, this is the expert think three-dimensional sculpture.This for post processing on the high demand for manual carving technology.
    On the question of the length of engraving time, many customers are more concerned, this should be.But the question is hard to answer.Let me explain in detail why it's so difficult to answer.First are the carved material is qualitative different, someone is plastic someone is cork head, someone is annatto, others are metals, hard and soft, so cause carved with different speed, and the same way, there may be several kinds of carving method, some quick result is bad, carving carving slow some good effect, different will affect how carving, carving method with knives, knife spacing is different, also affect the speed carving, as well as the complexity of the pattern, the more complex the carved the slower, above all, carving material, carving method, engraving cutter, and so on all have an effect on how quickly carved,So it's hard to say how long this piece will last.
    Some friends ask the question of probability power, which is not only related to the power consumption, but also whether the spindle is "strong". The machine and power consumption are just like the car and gasoline.The size of the spindle power, a salesman will recommend to you the corresponding spindle.Electricity, related to the bearing capacity of the wire, must pay attention to avoid leakage of electricity burned the machine, or even cause a fire.
    Some friends will ask, is your machine rack or screw?Rack and screw are part of the machine drive system. Under normal circumstances, the type below 6090 is screw drive.Common 3030.3636.4040.6060.6090 and other models, of course, may use the lead rod thickness is not the same.The big machine such as 1212.1313.1218.122 AD type is usually screw drive.Of course, there are also double screw, double screw for the assembly of technical requirements are quite high, few manufacturers do common 1325 and other woodworking machines are rack drive.Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the screw rod and rack.From the precision, the screw precision is high, concentrated in small machines, suitable for high precision industry.But the engraving machine is line track, repeated positioning is impossible to reach the salesman said within 0.04.Engraving speed said, rack drive fast, suitable for carving large pieces, such as the door industry.It is also impossible to reach 100 meters per minute as some manufacturers say.Advertising industry with screw more, wood industry with rack more.

    The mechanical properties of engraving machine include flatness, perpendicularity, positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy.Flatness mainly affects the leveling difficulty of plates and workpieces.The perpendicularity between axes mainly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. When the perpendicularity of the XY axis is large, the typical performance is that the rectangular diagonal axis is not equal and the XY plane is large, and the typical performance is that the surface is uneven when the plane is milling with a flat bottom knife with a large spacing.The positioning accuracy affects the size error of the workpiece, which mainly depends on the precision of the screw, the compensation ability of the control system and the change of the ambient temperature.When the machining range exceeds 300 mm, the effect of positioning accuracy on workpiece size must be considered.Repetitive positioning accuracy mainly affects multi-tool machining and multi-process machining.Engraving machine adopts roller screw drive, no crawling phenomenon, can achieve micro feed.The accuracy of repeated positioning is mainly determined by the control accuracy, which is generally 2 control resolutions.
    The environmental factors that affect carving mainly include the power supply, vibration, ambient temperature and humidity, dust, lightning and so on.The influence of power supply on machining is the most direct, mainly manifested as control system disorder.Each electronic device and each functional part of CNC control system has a certain range of voltage and frequency.The overload operation of any component will inevitably lead to the instability of the whole system. The common phenomenon is machining deviation.The influence of vibration is reflected in the frequency of short knives and the surface is not smooth.Common reasons are the process of contact machine tools, machine tool installation level is not qualified, there is a punch around.Ambient temperature and humidity mainly affect the performance of the control system and the performance of the driving motor.When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the control system may have incorrect control and the driving torque of the drive motor may not reach the rated value.Dust mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of sensor.Common phenomena include optical failure, the COMPUTER CPU fan does not turn, and so on.
    The main factors that affect the engraving properties of materials are the types, hardness and toughness of materials.The categories of materials include metallic and non-metallic materials.In general, the higher the hardness, the worse the processing, the greater the viscosity, the worse the processing.The more impurities, the worse the processing, the higher the hardness of the particles inside the material, the worse the processing.A general standard is: the higher the carbon content, processability, alloy content, the higher the processability, non-metallic element content is higher, the better processability (but the amount of non-metallic in general materials is strictly control) is suitable for the nonmetal materials including carving, wood, organic glass, resin, etc., are not suitable for engraving of non-metallic materials including natural marble, glass, etc.Suitable for carving metal materials include copper, aluminum hardness less than HRC40 mild steel, not suitable for carving metal materials include hardened steel.
    The factors affecting the cutting tools in engraving include cutting tool material, geometrical parameters and grinding technology.The cutting tool material used in engraving is carbide, which is a kind of powder alloy. The main performance index that determines the material performance is the average diameter of the powder.The smaller the diameter, the more wear-resistant the tool the more durable the tool.The sharpness of a tool mainly affects the cutting force.The sharper the tool, the smaller the cutting force, the smoother the machining, the higher the surface quality, but the lower the durability of the tool.Therefore, different sharpness should be chosen when processing different materials.The processing of soft and sticky materials, the need for some sharp tools, when the processing material hardness is larger, to reduce the sharpness, improve the durability of the tool.But not too blunt, otherwise the cutting force will be too large, affect the processing.The key factor in tool grinding is the mesh of the finishing wheel.The grinding wheel with high mesh number can produce finer cutting edge, which can effectively improve the durability of the tool.The grinding wheel with high mesh number can produce a smoother cutter surface and improve the cutting surface quality.

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