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How will cnc router develop in the future

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    Science and technology is the first productivity, the long development of science and technology, led to the development of productivity, therefore, with the infiltration and development of artificial intelligence in the field of computer, numerical control system introduced adaptive control, fuzzy system and neural network control mechanism, such as numerical control system control performance was improved and progress constantly, performance is in the engraving machine industry, engraving machine of numerical control technology progress!In order to meet the needs of the market and the development of science and technology, and meet the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology on numerical control technology, at present, the development direction of numerical control technology and equipment in the world is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    1, networking: easy to remote operation and monitoring, but also easy to remote diagnosis and adjustment, not only conducive to the CNC system production plant to its product monitoring and maintenance, but also suitable for large-scale modern production of unmanned workshop, network management, but also suitable for the operator is not to the site in the environment.
    2. Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability of exponentially controlled equipment to adapt to the changes of processing objects.The development trend of CNC machine tools towards flexible automation system is as follows: on the one hand, it develops from point, i.e. single CNC machine, line, i.e. flexible manufacturing system, etc., to surface, i.e. independent manufacturing of workshops, and volume, i.e. distributed network integrated manufacturing system, etc.; on the other hand, it develops towards application and economy.The key of flexible automation technology is to improve the reliability and practicability of the system, and to be easy to network and integrate.
    3, intelligent: with the demand of artificial intelligence automation, the continuous development of intelligent technology of numerical control system, and in order to adapt to the high flexibility of manufacturing production, the degree of energy in the continuous improvement of intelligent not only throughout the production and processing process, but also throughout the after-sales service and maintenance of products.That is not only in the control of machine tool processing CNC system is intelligent, is in the system out of fault, diagnosis and maintenance are intelligent, right operation and maintenance personnel requirements to the minimum aluminum engraving machine.
    4, high speed, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability: to improve the processing efficiency, must first improve the cutting and feed speed, at the same time, but also shorten the processing time;To ensure the processing quality, it is necessary to improve the precision of the movement track of the machine tool parts, and dependability is the basic guarantee of the above objectives. Therefore, the world's advanced numerical control systems all adopt 32-bit microprocessors, with the main frequency reaching tens to hundreds of megabytes. The maximum fast feed speed reaches 240m/min at the minimum setting unit of 1um.At the same time, the advanced numerical control system in the world can improve the machining precision by reducing the control error and adopting compensation technology.

    What are the advantages of modern woodworking carving machine over traditional hand carving?
    Now more and more wooden door processing enterprises choose to use woodworking carving machine, large output, higher efficiency, compared with the traditional manual processing technology.Wood door carving machine as the new favor of wood door making has been favored by more and more wood door manufacturers.
    The material of wooden door is given priority to with solid wood, especially material of solid wood is composite, saved the advantage of natural solid wood to avoid the defect that deforms easily again namely.Material selection is important, but in the production process, pay attention to fine wooden door engraving machine can use water-cooled spindle or air-cooled spindle, with fuling inverter or the platform to use, high efficiency, fast speed.The new type of generous tube is combined with the gantry structure to ensure the overall stability of the machine.Rack drive, smooth transmission, ensure long - time high - speed operation without deformation, no shaking.The precision that can assure when engraving fine wood door so and beautiful, raise the efficiency that wooden door makes greatly thereby.

    Along with the rapid development of science and technology, numerical control machine tool technology is increasingly far away, now woodworking engraving machine technology has very mature, not only on line carve, lettering, hollow out velocity accuracy, but also to improve significant effect of embossment, stereo carve, have with artificial or indifference, even higher than artificial accuracy, but the speed gap is heaven and in earth.Woodworking engraving machine factory home in the country less say also have 100, but the engraving machine that each manufacturer place produces is different, this basically is reflected in exterior and configuration, when the customer is in woodworking engraving machine of choose and buy, must ask clear the configuration of engraving machine, if not, the manufacturer will take you when novice to cheat!There is no mention of after-sales service and price, but from the quality, wood engraving machine is good?Or configuration to calculate!
    1: spindle motor brand and power abroad have Italy HSD spindle motor well-known brands, domestic changzhou si qi spindle motor, power size is 1.5, 2.2, 3.0, 3.7, 4.0, 4.5 kw or more, the power of different size corresponds to the different application field, is given priority to with relief, you can choose to 1.5 or 2.2 k is given priority to with cutting, cutting, 3.0 kw to 9 kw is the direction of the customer to choose.
    2: guide: guide to woodworking engraving machine's influence is mainly reflected in the precision and machine life, then there are circular rail and square rail said, but now circular rail has been rarely used again, guide has 20, 25, 30 points, 30 best guide, but general woodworking engraving machine configuration is 25 guide.
    3: fixture and vacuum adsorption: woodworking engraving machine fixed materials there are two ways :1 is fixture, 2 is vacuum adsorption, vacuum adsorption table convenient material, this is an advantage, the disadvantage is high power consumption.
    4: drives and motors: most manufacturers choose is ray brand drive, this also is the domestic well-known brand, abroad have Japan yaskawa, this involves the workings of a woodworking engraving machine, servo, stepper R if you have been communicating with multiple manufacturers, then you should know than stepping on the precision of servo system.
    5: Frequency converter: The famous frequency converter is Fuling. The engraving machine frequency is driven by the main motor of the engraving machine. The main requirements are stable operation and smooth rotation speed change.The full speed fluctuation is small, the low speed moment is big, may guarantee the low speed cutting.
    6: structure of lathe bed, bed have a light of lathe bed and heavy lathe bed, said the choice of this part is mainly aimed at the woodworking engraving machine will because when carving carving and shaking, most woodworking engraving machine Z axis stroke is 200 mm, but for some special industries such as coffin coffin, must choose heavy body.
    Above is woodworking engraving on the machine very important 6 components, woodworking engraving machine is good?Is to rely on these accessories drive, so before the purchase of woodworking carving machine, must ask clearly these configurations, these things look complex above, actually not much, generally through the introduction of woodworking carving machine factory, will soon be familiar with, oneself can also have a general judgment.

     All the use of machinery we need to maintain the equipment, of course, wood carving machine, stone carving machine also need regular maintenance and repair.If we usually in woodworking carving machine, stone carving machine maintenance did not do well, or even negligence.Then the engraving machine a few small problems are likely to bring us big trouble.
    The main shaft of some engraving machine is water-cooled, if the temperature is too low, it will easily freeze the main shaft and circulation pipe, it is easy to damage the main shaft.The asynchronous ac motor driven by frequency converter to achieve more, small power non-inductive vector frequency converter, its small volume, high cost performance, more applied to main shaft power is lower than 3.7 KW system of engraving machine, carving machine, the motor copper loss and iron loss will be displayed in the form of heat and affect the efficiency of the motor, stepping motor general pursuit of position precision and torque output.
    We know that three technicians are debugging a carpenter's engraving machine. Within ten minutes, eight roses are carved on eight flower boards.It can be imagined that our engraving machine in such an efficient operation, not only our spindle but also the motor will be greatly worn and offset.Once the engraving machine carving knife deviation, do not say that such a high precision operation, even ordinary sculpture will appear a large, very serious deviation.Therefore, in our actual production process, you can touch it with your hand for more than 1-2 seconds, no more than 60 degrees, you can only touch it with your hand, about 70-80 degrees, a few drops of water quickly gasification of more than 90 degrees, is to reduce the loss of copper and iron.In this case, we can choose antifreeze instead of water, if the conditions are possible, when buying the engraving machine spindle had better choose air cooling rather than water cooling.
    Of course, the wood carving machine, stone carving machine carving machine guide (square rail or compass) and rack to often clean and oil maintenance, to check whether the wire aging or have broken, so as not to cause leakage.When some heavy stone processing heavy stone carving machine different from general light stone engraving machine, not only because of its bearing capacity is better than light machine, but also in the way it USES the rack drive sculpture with high efficiency, in this case our stone carving machine efficiency is lower, the current is compared commonly big and high harmonic components, the frequency of the alternating current is also change with speed, and step motor are widespread enthusiasm and situation than ordinary ac motor.

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