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How does wood industry user choose the cnc machine that suits him?

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    The emergence of woodworking engraving machine for decoration wood furniture industry provides a rare opportunity, it just like a few years ago the computer carving machine gradually accepted by people, computer engraving machine carved by the breastplate, departments, all kinds of signs, light boxes, building model, crystal word mould making, etc., has been increasingly popular in the industry.In engraving machine application gradually popular at the same time, a variety of engraving machine also gradually appear in the market, wood industry users how to choose suitable for their engraving machine?
    Please note the following points:
    1, to pay attention to the function of woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine engraving motor has high power and small power.Some engraving machine power is small, only suitable for the processing of materials such as two-color board, building model, small sign, three-dimensional handicraft, etc. This technology has been popular for a period of time, but because the engraving power is too small and greatly affected its application range.The other is a high-power engraving head engraving machine, this engraving machine is divided into two categories, one is a large surface cutting machine: the size is generally more than one meter, but the precision of the engraving machine is generally poor;The other is the medium size engraving machine: this engraving machine is generally used for fine processing and organic signage.
    2, to understand the performance and function of the engraving motor, wood engraving machine engraving head motor is also very critical, because the general warranty scope of the engraving head motor is short, and the engraving head motor is a long time continuous work, so if the engraving head motor is not good will affect the use of the engraving machine.
    3, in addition is the engraving head motor speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is thousands to 30,000 RPM, if the speed is not adjustable or the speed adjustable range is small, it means that the engraving machine application range is very limited, because different materials must use different engraving head speed.
    4, engraving machine body manufacturing process: the work of high-power engraving machine requires the body must be precise and stable, so long-term high-power engraving should adopt the casting body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.
    5, the controller is generally divided into two types: one type of controller is only to do the drive, and all its computation work is done by the computer, the computer is in a waiting state when the engraving machine is working, unable to do typesetting work.The other type of controller is controlled by a single board machine or a single chip microcomputer. This controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can immediately do other typesetting work, especially when carving for a long time, the advantage is particularly obvious.
    6, screw and guide is also an important part of woodworking engraving machine, good screw and guide is the guarantee of the precision and performance of engraving machine in long-term use.

    Now the common woodworking carving machine face on the market has ordinary mesa and T vacuum adsorption mesa, can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as mesa sink, double deck mesa, woodworking carving machine vacuum adsorption mesa than manual fixed to save a lot of time, and fixed more stable, stronger adsorption.If there is vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine does not adsorption or adsorption force to reduce how to solve?
    1. First, check whether the line voltage of the motor is normal
    2, water cycle air pump is less water, the motor is stuck whether rust is removed from the motor fan protection net rotation axis
    3, vacuum pump filter plug clearance
    4, table or pipe leakage phenomenon repair
    5. Reverse and reverse switch any two UVW lines on the motor to change the motor rotation direction;
    6, processing objects are too small, encryption vacuum valve port;
    7. Use the density board between the table and the workpiece;
    When woodworking engraving machine of choose and buy, want to choose proper equipment and configuration according to oneself actual processing circumstance.

    Woodworking engraving machine in the process of carving, carved objects often dislocation, we are often distressed to tell customers that their items in the carving process was damaged.
    Again, to avoid these problems, we explain the trick by doing the following:
    1. Check whether the pliers or clips selected for carving are used incorrectly. The wear of pliers or clips on the woodworking carving machine will also lead to the dislocation of the carved objects.If the pliers or clip is too tight, it will also cause the carved object to pop out at the moment the cutting head touches it.
    2. For the irregular shape of the carved objects, the surface appears to be fixed tightly, and will be rocked back and forth when subjected to downforce.In this case, try lining the object with scrap material to increase friction.The other thing is to retain the packaging of the object. Although the object is irregular shape, the package with itself may be very regular and easy to be fixed. With a small strip, the object with irregular shape is easy to be fixed.Or try the tool to fix the regular parts and discard the irregular parts.
    3. If the downforce on the object to be carved is very large, consider whether you must use the nose of a conical knife. If the diamond head of the engraver moves too much during engraving, pressure on the side of the tool will cause the object to move.The same problem can occur if the wrong diamond knife is used.A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will go deep into the material and cause the material to move as it is carved.
    4, because the woodworking carving machine is often equipped with multi-functional pliers or clamp head, and they are made of iron, so easy to be carved objects caused damage or make it fall in the process of carving, then choose some rubber cap or rubber pipe for the fixed objects will be helpful.
    5, for carving plastic patterns, you can stick the transfer tape on the back of the carved object, and then spray the adhesive tape on the side with liquid spray, and then stick it on a surface that can be discarded, so as to avoid the use of double-sided adhesive tape, leaving a surface that is difficult to clean.Because the transfer tape is easy to peel off and clean.A specially carved ribbon is used, one side of which is more viscous than the other, so that the plate can be moved or replaced at will.

    Engraving machine tool installation is a very important work, if the tool is not installed correctly, not only will increase the tool wear, but also cause accuracy is not accurate, to the processing of difficult, so must cause enough attention.The following methods for the correct installation of engraving machine tools are summarized:
    1. Before the tool is installed, the wear condition of the knife should be checked first. If there is a broken blade, serious wear and other defects, replace the new knife or use it after it is repaired.
    2, the surface must be cleaned and wiped clean before installation, carefully remove the washer and orifice burrs, prevent dirt and burrs affect the precision of tool installation position.
    3. When the tool is clamped with a washer, the two end faces of the washer must be as parallel as possible.If the milling cutter is found to be askew after installation, the washer position should be adjusted to minimize the accumulated error of the washer.Until the rear milling cutter does not shake.
    4, taper shank milling cutter installation, milling cutter, middle sleeve, spindle between the taper must be consistent, try to make the installation center and tool center concentric
    5. After the shank is inserted into the spindle, use the tension screw to tighten the milling cutter.It should be noted that the direction of the milling cutter rotation must be the same as the thread of the pull rod in order to make the pull rod thread more tightly connected to the cutter in the rotation, otherwise there is a risk that the cutter will come out.
    6. Make the milling cutter close to the spindle bearing and the hanger bearing close to the milling cutter as far as possible without affecting the processing.If the milling cutter is far from the main bearing, a hanger bearing should be installed between the spindle bearing and the milling cutter.
    7, when installing the milling cutter, should not remove the key.Because there is no key on the cutter shaft, if the milling force is not uniform or in the case of heavy load cutting, the cutter often slide, then the cutter shaft itself bears a lot of radial resistance and resistance, easy to make the cutter shaft bending and damage the fixed washer.
    8. After the milling cutter is installed, check the washers and nuts to prevent looseness.Use dial gauge to check the diameter jump or end jump of the milling cutter to see if it is within the allowed range.
    9. After the knife shaft is removed, it should be hung on the shelf to prevent the knife shaft from bending and deformation.Under special circumstances, when horizontal storage is needed, wood chips or other soft goods should be used to cushion to prevent scratch and deformation.

    So how do we distinguish between a carpenter's engraving machine circuit fault and a mechanical fault?
    Wood engraving machine circuit fault
    1 performance: in the process of carving, there is the phenomenon of dislocation carving and the phenomenon of reverse direction carving.
    If there is irregular movement in the case of rapid and continuous clicking, the fault will be "phase failure". Check the circuit between the output end of the driver and the stepping motor, find out the broken circuit and reconnect the fault to solve it.
    2 performance: Manual, automatic control machining shaft, the machine has no reaction
    (1) Check whether the data cable is firmly connected. If it is loose, please connect it correctly
    (2) Check whether the actuator line interface is loose or fall off, and reconnect
    (3) Check whether the power supply line of the host machine is off
    Mechanical failure of woodworking engraving machine
    1 Performance: The machine stops during operation, accompanied by a clear metallic sound
    (1) Remove the machine shell, check the corresponding end bearing is damaged;
    (2) Check the guide slide, check whether the ball is seriously worn and damaged, and check whether the guide has deep scratches
    (3) Check whether the screw is damaged, separate the ball screw mother from the connected parts, and manually rotate the screw mother to see if there is any abnormality.
    In the process of engraving, there is a dislocation and the stepping motor is running, but there is no mechanical reaction.Please check the coupling for any damage or looseness. 

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