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How to choose a CNC knife cutting machine that suits you?

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In recent years, CNC knife cutting technology has been increasingly used in the non-metal processing industry. The technology of CNC knife cutting has become mature and has a certain market share in the cutting industry. But there are still many users who do not know about CNC knife cutter and do not know not how to choose the right CNC knife cutting machine for them.

1. First of all, we need to understand what a CNC knife cutting machine is.

CNC knife cutting machine is also known as vibrating knife cutting machine and oscillating knife cutting machine. It uses the high frequency vibration of the blade to cut from top to bottom, with tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, and the cutting efficiency is high.
The CNC knife cutting machine has a wide range of applications and can be equipped with various knives. Different knives were also used to cut different materials. The use of vibrating knives is more suitable for cutting leather-sponge composite materials, and pneumatic and circular knives for cutting fabrics. You can use a tangential knife for the dough. In short, there are many materials that the CNC knife cutting machine can cut, such as: carbon fiber, glass fiber, cotton fiber, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, fabric, silk loop, leather, felt, carpet, cotton sound insulation, silicone, rubber, kt cardboard, etc.
CNC knife cutting machine

2. Learn the advantages of the CNC vibrating knife cutting machine.

Compared with laser cutting machine, vibrating knife cutting machine has more advantages in environmental protection cutting. During laser cutting, large amounts of toxic and harmful fumes are produced when cutting materials. First, employees inhale to cause physical injury. Second, harmful fumes are released into the atmosphere and cause environmental pollution. The vibrating knife cutting machine avoids this effectively. No toxic and harmful particles and gases are produced during production and processing, which greatly increases the environmental protection factor of the manufacturing process.
Compared with traditional processing, vibrating knife cutting machines replace manual labor, which improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs, minimizes the loss of production materials, and greatly improves resource utilization.

3. Repair and maintenance of the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine 

(1) Please choose a suitable environment to use the oscillating knife cutting machine. It should not be placed in a lighted place to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to break the surface and affect the service life.
(2) Regularly clean the oscillating knife cutting machine table with alcohol to avoid pouring alcohol directly into the table.
(3) Regularly optimize, disinfect and maintain your computer. The instability of the computer system also affects the normal operation of the corrector.
(4) Do not place heavy objects or scissor screwdrivers on the cnc knife cutting machine to avoid hitting the machine head when starting the machine.
(5) Do not press the guides and beams on both sides of the oscillating knife cutting machine to avoid damage to the linear guide, which will affect the accuracy of the testing machine.
(6) When operating the oscillating knife cnc knife cutting machine, keep your hands away from the beam and head to avoid accidents.

4. How to choose a suitable CNC vibrating knife cutting machine ?

Before buying, you need to know what material you need to cut. 
Different cutter heads are suitable for cutting different materials. For example, the vibrating cutting head is used to cut thicker materials, such as KT panels, car mats, floor mats, leather, etc. And the general cutting thickness is 1.5-2cm; the circular knife is mainly used for soft and thin materials, such as fabric, soft leather, etc. At the same time, the thickness of the cut varies depending on the material. It's usually best to use an pneumatic cnc knife to cut 20mm thick foam or EVA in addition.
Vibrating knife for cutting leather
Of course, if you are not sure if your material can be cut, you can choose to send the material to the manufacturer for a trial cut to make sure the full cut meets your needs.Also, you need to understand the after-sales service and the seller's warranty period. In this process, Jinan AccTek Machinery Co., LTD can help you. AccTek has its own cnc oscillating knife cutter factory and professional technicians who can help you test samples, take videos and take pictures for free, and at the same time Acctek's wealthy sales experts will help you choose the right machine.
Meanwhile, AccTek provide to customers 3 years warranty for the whole machine, during the warranty time, if the machine parts broken, Acctek’ after sale technicians will help you find the broken reason, if there is no human reason, Acctek will send you a new part for free. 
Choose AccTek CNC to improve your business.

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