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spindle and oscillating knife&pressure roller 3 in1 CNC cutting machine

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Recently, our factory is debugging a customized cnc cutting machine AKM1325, because the customer needs to engrave and cut wood and acrylic. After the completion, the finished product needs to be packaged in a carton, so two types of equipment are required. The cnc router machine completes the engraving and cutting of the material. The oscillating knife&pressure roller completes the production needs of the carton.
CNC router
In response to these two different needs of customers, our technicians designed this customized AKM1325 for customers. This cnc cutting machine combines a three-axis cnc router and a oscillating knife cutting machine, and adds a pressing wheel to work with the oscillating knife, so that a machine has multiple functions, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves the need to add other equipment cost. Let us take a look at this cnc cutting machine AKM1325.
Machine configuration and features:
1. Assistance wheels
AKM1325 is equipped with a assistance wheels. When processing large-area plates, the assistance wheels can be used for feeding, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency.
2. Auto oil lubrication
Only need to set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the system setting.
CNC router
3. Vacuum table & T-slot table
The cnc cutting machine AKM1325 uses a vacuum suction and T-slot integrated table. The vacuum suction method can make the fixing of the plate more stable, save the time of manually fixing the plate, and improve work efficiency. The work table is divided into 4 areas according to customer needs, and each area is controlled by a switch. When the processing plate is small, only one processing area can be activated to make the plate's adsorption force stronger. The T-slot table is used to fix the material with clamps. When the board is small and the stability of the board is not high, the use of T-slot to fix the board can save the vacuum pump power. The two types of countertops can be selected according to actual needs, and the use is more flexible.
4. Pressure roller (pressing wheel)
Use the pressing wheel to press out the traces of the carton that needs to be folded to facilitate the folding and forming of the carton in the later stage.
5. Oscillating knife
Use a oscillating knife to cut the edges of the carton, and the finished product will have smooth edges and accurate cut pieces. The oscillating knife can cut materials of different materials, including corrugated paper, cardboard, composite paper, gaskets, leather and cloth.
6. CCD camera
The oscillating knife is equipped with a CCD camera, which quickly scans the entire processing breadth before cutting, and then identifies the reference point, and locates the material to achieve the effect of precise cutting.
 CNC router
The above points are some of the main features of the customized AKM1325. In addition to this "spindle and oscillating knife&pressure roller 3 in1 CNC cutting machine", our factory technicians can design suitable customized models for you according to your actual production needs.
There are many types and functions of cnc router machines. The most important thing is that this equipment can not only meet your engraving and cutting needs, but also can effectively complete other operation needs, improve efficiency, and save costs. If you have other questions, you can consult online, our staff will reply to you in time, hope it will be helpful to you.

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