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What to pay attention to when you buy oscillating Knife?

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1. Definition of Oscillating Knife

Oscillating knife is a device for cutting flexible materials, such as leather, fiber cotton, silicone, rubber and other materials. It is suitable for industries such as advertising packaging, clothing and footwear, automotive interiors, luggage and bags.

2. Advantages

It uses high-frequency Oscillating cutting from the upper and lower blades, with about tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, solves the problem of cutting special-shaped pictures, improves production efficiency, and reduces labor costs; it can reduce the rate of defective products due to manual cutting errors, and help users at low cost. It is a very popular machine to complete the quality cutting effect faster, more stable, and more accurately.

3. Oscillating Knife

 Autofeed Oscillating Cutter  Extended automatic feeding vibrating knife
 The oscillating knife can cut both soft and hard materials, and is widely used in foot pads, cushions, leather cutting, etc. The finished product cut by the oscillating knife is clean and neat, the edges are smooth, and the size of the cut pieces is accurate, there is no smell, and it is more environmentally friendly. Cutting by knife not laser, no air pollution , no burntedge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than co2 laser machine. Imported PMI square linear guide and servo motor ensure high precison and fast cutting speed. High performance is guaranteed with the integrated circuit plate. The application of an USB/Ethernet port makes the cutting plotters fast and convenient ,Easy opeate. This cutting machine was designed easy to install, set-up and operate. Special safety sensory device meets the European standard. The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically,enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.


At present, the market for vibrating knives is becoming wider and wider. The vibrating knife cutting machine uses sharp or round knives to cut through vibration or high-speed rotation. The cutting speed of leather is fast, the incision is neat, and it can complete marking, perforation, crease, hollowing and other processes. . And there is no need to manually assist the feeding, and the overall machine is automatically fed, which improves the efficiency.

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