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1KW Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine for sale

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1 KW laser cutting machine is a machine that is often asked by users. It is more suitable for cutting thin metal plates, and can be used for processing auto parts, stainless steel kitchen utensils, craft gifts, decorations, billboards, etc. If you are planning to buy a 1KW laser cutting machine, you can learn about its features and cutting capabilities here to ensure that it can meet your metal processing needs.
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Features of 1KW Laser Cutting Machine:

1. Gantry structure. Forming and frame are done with integral steel moulding and die-casting technology, with high rigidity. The light crossbeam enables equipment a high operation speed, improving cutting efficiency.
2. Professional metal cutting control system. Au3tech and Cypcut control systems have good performance, and have obvious advantages in stability, reliability, ease of use and other aspects. It can ensure higher cutting quality and more convenient metal cutting work.
3. The fiber laser cutter is equipped with Taiwan Delta or Japan Yaskawa servo motor, which has faster speed and signal feedback, which ensures the high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.
4. The metal laser cutting head is Au3tech or Raytool auto focus cutting head. It can automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focusing, and the focusing speed is faster and more efficient. Errors and failures caused by manual operations can also be effectively avoided. The quality of the emitted beam is excellent and stable, and it can perform high-speed perforation and cutting of sheet metal.
5. The fiber laser adopts Raycus/Reci/JPT/IPG laser source with international advanced technology, which has higher cutting efficiency, lower maintenance cost and longer service life. ACCTEK 1KW laser cutting machine can be applied to a variety of cutting scenarios.
6. The racks and guide rails of the sheet metal laser cutting machine are equipped with protective devices, which can prevent dust pollution and improve the service life of traditional components. In addition, the machine Y-axis is equipped with flame retardant protective sheet metal, which can prevent sparks from splashing on the dust cover during metal cutting and causing fire.

The advantages of 1000W sheet metal cutting machine:

Laser cutting metal

High cutting quality
The fiber laser cutting machine adopts the non-contact cutting method, the heat affected area of ​​the cutting seam is small, the metal section after cutting has no burr and slag phenomenon, and the workpiece quality is high.
Fast cutting
Laser cutting is less affected by the environment, can achieve high energy output in a short time, and has fast cutting speed. When the 1000W laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel plates below 2mm, the cutting speed can reach 8m/min. In addition, no tools are required to fix the metal plate during the processing, which saves the time for clamping the workpiece and improves the work efficiency of the workshop.
Cut costs
Metal golden light cutting machine does not need molds during processing, saving mold manufacturing costs. And through reasonable typesetting, the laser cutting machine can make full use of materials, prevent sheet metal waste, and improve material utilization.
1000W fiber laser cutting machine can help you to complete the production of many metal projects, but limited by the power, its cutting thickness is also required. The following is the reference value of the material thickness that the 1KW laser cutting machine can process:
Mode Carbon steel Stainless steel Aluminum Brass
1.0KW Max 10mm 5mm 3mm 3mm
Normal 8mm 4mm 2mm 2mm
Hi-speed 6mm 3mm 1.5mm 1.5mm
The maximum cutting thickness is only required for the work of cutting part of the sample. Normal processing refers to general work scenarios. High-speed cutting refers to work scenarios that require high cutting speed when batch processing metal plates of the same thickness.
The above is the introduction of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine. If its cutting capacity cannot meet your cutting needs, then you should consider a higher power cnc laser cutting machine. Which one is more suitable for you, you can communicate online for help.

Here are more fiber laser cutting machines to choose from


Metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine
The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a rotary axis device on one side of the body for cutting metal tubes. It is a dual-purpose laser metal cutting machine designed for users who wish to cut sheet metal and tubes on one machine.

Fully enclosed double table laser cutter

Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine
ACCTEK fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with two replaceable worktables, the laser power ranges from 1KW to 12KW, and is suitable for cutting 6mm-40mm carbon steel plates. Dual cameras are installed inside the fuselage, which can monitor the status of laser cutting metal in real time on the external display.

Small fiber laser cutting machine for precision cutting

Small precision fiber laser metal cutting machine
Small precision laser metal cutting machine is mainly aimed at the production of many small metal workpieces such as hardware products, metal kitchen utensils, metal crafts, lighting and so on. It is a fully enclosed design fiber laser cutting machine, the window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass, which ensures the safety of the operator and facilitates smoke exhaust.

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