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What should we pay attention to when choosing cnc router

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    Engraving machine is laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine, including the working principle of CNC engraving machine is through the computer controller (such as macro control card), can convert the information to drive the mechanical and electrical machine carved with a power signal, control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axis engraving cutter path, namely the G code.At the same time engraving machine spindle motor equipped with cutting tools through high-speed rotation, fixed on the table for processing materials, can be engraved in the computer design of a variety of plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, complete the engraving processing operations.CNC engraving machine is also known as CNC engraving machine, widely used in a number of industries, and because of the differences in each industry, the engraving machine model and its use of the internal configuration are also very different, so a lot of different categories of engraving machine.
    Woodworking engraving machine under the CNC engraving machine is a lot of classification, which can be roughly divided into: wood engraving machine, carving machine, furniture coffin, carving machine, handicraft engraving machine and wood engraving machine, wood engraving machine is mainly used in wood door, cabinet door, wardrobe door industry, the configuration is higher than normal woodworking engraving machine, because the up-down material problem, so generally are equipped with a vacuum adsorption mesa, furniture engraving machine is mainly used in Europe type furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, as well as the production of office furniture, in order to improve the machining efficiency, usually equipped with multiple spindle motor, the coffin engraving machine is mainly used in the coffin, ShouMu coffin,Generally for the 1825 model, configure how spindle motor, coffin industry competition is mainly gallery competition, the factory tends to be so powerful in gallery will lead to raise other manufacturers, handicraft engraving machine can call relief engraving machine, 4-10 head general configuration, more head processing, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, the wood carving machine is the standard configuration of 1325 types of engraving machine and its internal configuration according to the specific needs of the user to choose, generally suitable for decoration industry customers.

    Because woodworking engraving machine is more and more widely used in real life, so many customers choose to use woodworking engraving machine as the first choice of processing equipment, then how to choose the applicable engraving machine?Engraving machine of choose and buy what place need to pay attention to?Today we will talk about the purchase of woodworking engraving machine matters needing attention.
    1: industry
    Experienced people know that the wood carving machine specialized in woodworking industry, but it has a variety of models, such as decoration, soft, hard package coffin coffin, wooden door, cabinet door, wardrobe and panel furniture so to realize their first before buying or to do trade, hollow out beautiful case, adornment is decorated the main do so with a single head or yituo three woodworking engraving machine, soft package hard package industry is used three process engraving machine and laser engraving machine, coffin coffin for double or three general woodworking engraving machine, can be detached or yituo type, wooden door cabinet door will use three or four process engraving machine,And wardrobe and board furniture industry needs four working procedures of material opening machine or disc type automatic tool opening machine.
    2: configuration
    Generally speaking, woodworking engraving machine is mainly divided into standard and high with two kinds, and spindle motor, driver, work system and control system of advanced accessories, here involved in the price of high and low, so the user should make a decision according to their own economic situation.
    1) Spindle motor
    For woodworking engraving machine spindle motor is not the power is the bigger the better, according to their own materials and technology with a suitable for their own spindle motor, can be done to improve production efficiency, and save resources.General low power spindle motor is mainly used in advertising industry and small handicrafts for fine processing, mainly used in relief.Because its power is small, the ability to cut off the thicker material is relatively poor, not suitable for carving and milling the thicker material.And general high power woodworking engraving machine spindle motor is mainly used for cutting, carving and milling because of its power, cutting ability is strong.
    2) Transmission system
    The transmission system of general wood carving machine will choose rack guide rail, rack is generally divided into straight teeth and oblique teeth, oblique teeth relative to straight teeth transmission, the degree of bite equipment to be better, high precision.In addition, the Y axis requires two driving motors (one on both sides) to drive the X axis and one on the z-axis lead screw.Guide rail is generally divided into square rail and circular rail, square rail load capacity and accuracy to maintain the ability is a number of times the circular guide rail, general large surface woodworking engraving opportunity to choose formula rail as the transmission system, so not only can improve the processing accuracy, but also can improve the service life of woodworking engraving machine equipment.
    3) Driving system
    General woodworking engraving machine drive system can be selected with two kinds, namely three - phase stepping motor and servo motor.The servo motor belongs to closed-loop control, and the speed of the motor can be measured in real time when it is powered on. Because of its large starting torque, the starting speed is fast, and the rated speed can be reached in a very short time. In addition, it has strong overload capacity, which is suitable for frequent start and stop and torque requirements.However, the stepper motor is under open-loop control, and the speed is not measured. The start is relatively slow, and a motor does not have overload capacity.If the speed and accuracy of the process requirements are very high, it is recommended to buy the engraving machine customers with servo motors.
    Based on the above three points, the choice of good service, good after sales woodworking engraving machine needs to focus on the engraving machine equipment spindle motor, drive system and drive system, especially the choice of the drive system is more important.This needs the user to choose and buy according to their own materials and speed and load conditions to carry on the targeted choice, so as to choose a more suitable woodworking engraving machine.
    3: what is the price
    The price quoted by each woodworking carving machine factory has high have low, but general and market price will not be too much wrong, if really wrong too much, then you should be more careful, or the configuration is shoddy, or poor or no after sales.
    4: after
    After-sales service is for users to buy woodworking engraving machine after, so generally for users to say it is difficult to make a judgment, it is about to see the carving machine factory in the local public praise, so spend more time to see, there is no harm, followed by a small workshop after sales must be very poor, do not have to consider.Above is the purchase of woodworking engraving machine four key words, as long as we remember these four points, will not be cheated when buying.

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