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Laser rust removal is safer and more environmentally friendly

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Laser rust removal is a type of laser cleaning and is an effective process for cleaning metal parts. Using a fiber laser cleaning system, rust and other contaminants can be quickly and thoroughly removed without damaging the underlying metal.
The laser rust removal machine is a handheld laser cleaning machine, which consists of a fiber laser generator, a laser rust removal gun, and a laser cleaning system that uses a pulsed laser or CW (continuous wave) laser to irradiate the metal surface, and the coating can instantly absorb the focused laser the energy of the rust, coating or oil on the surface can be peeled off or evaporated instantly, and the coating attached to the metal can be removed at a high speed and effectively.
Traditional rust removal methods cannot solve the problems that laser rust remover can solve. Even if the shape of the metal parts is abnormal, the laser rust removal machine can carry out the rust removal operation. In short, rust, oil, paint or oxide can be removed from the surface wherever the laser hits.
Laser rust removal is a great alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods, as rust removal is more precise and less expensive to repeat. It's also a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Fiber laser cleaning and rust removal is very safe and more environmentally friendly.
Laser rust removal

Why use laser to remove rust?

1. Get rid of consumables and go green
As a green technology, fiber laser cleaning replaces the use of consumables or chemicals to remove rust. This is the only solution that complies with environmental regulations. Laser cleaning does produce a small amount of dust in the air. But it can be vacuumed instantly with a vacuuming system.
2. Eliminate manual labor
It is inefficient to spend a lot of manual labor to clean each part. It is expensive and can be performed more efficiently using robots. Eliminate manual labor with laser cleaning, a technology that can easily be fully or semi-automated.
3. Reduce maintenance
Everyone who uses sandblasting faces the same problem: their machines frequently break down. Whether it's the presence of sand, the condition of the nozzles, or replacement, sandblasting machines require regular monitoring and maintenance. Fiber laser cleaning is a non-contact method that continuously removes rust while significantly reducing maintenance costs.
4. Create a safe workplace
Lasers in manufacturing environments are very safe when integrated with dust extraction systems and Class 1 laser safety enclosures. With these things, operators near the laser cleaning system do not need personal protective equipment to protect their breathing, hearing or body. Additionally, they no longer handle hazardous materials.

The benefits of using a laser rust removal gun

1. Straight gun design. Easy access and compound ergonomics.
2. Lightweight Design. The weight is less than 1KG, which is more suitable for long-term handheld use.
3. Dust seal design. Independent design of optical path, sealed and dustproof.
4. Removable suction port. Detachable suction port with adjustable height and angle.
Designed with a handheld laser rust removal gun, it can handle a variety of objects and angles. Standard cables are 10m long, but longer cables are also available.
Handheld laser rust removal gun

What should be paid attention to in metal rust removal?

All materials have properties that define how they react under certain conditions. For rust removal of metal, you need to pay attention to the ablation threshold.
The laser parameters can be set so that the intensity of the laser beam is just above the ablation threshold for rusting, but below the intensity of the metal being cleaned. If the laser beam hits the metal surface at an intensity below its ablation threshold, the energy of the laser beam is dispersed in the form of heat after rust removal.
The result is a clean surface where layers of rust and dirt evaporate without permanently affecting the substrate.
The speed of rust removal depends on the thickness of the rust and the laser power. Our high power systems remove typical light rust at a rate of approximately 50 cm2/sec. The thickest rust can be removed at 5 cm²/sec.

How much does a laser rust removal machine cost?

The cost of a laser rust removal machine differs from the cost of traditional cleaning products. Compared with cleaning equipment as consumables, laser rust removal machines can be used repeatedly. The price of laser equipment mainly depends on its configuration. For example, if a higher power laser generator is used, the price will undoubtedly be higher.
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