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Application of laser cleaning machine in removing coatings

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Adding coatings is a common phenomenon in metal projects. By adding a coating to a metal workpiece, its surface can be protected from rust and corrosion. And in the face of different applications, adding a coating to the metal surface also has an aesthetic effect. However, some workpieces need to be welded after being covered with coating, so in order to improve the firmness of welding, the coating of the welding part needs to be removed. For a long time, people used masking tape to prevent spray treatment in specific areas, but this method is very cumbersome. Did you know that laser cleaning  offers a faster and more reliable alternative to coating removal from specific areas?
During the coating process, the metal workpiece needs to be kept clean and not contaminated by the coating because some parts need to be used for other applications such as welding or assembly. Traditionally, masking tape has been used to address this problem, but this is a slow, error-prone and labor-intensive process. Different spray applications require different types of tape, and the tape also needs to be selected in the appropriate width and length depending on the size of the masked area. With the application of laser technology in the cleaning field, it has been found that laser cleaning machine provide an easier method for removing coatings from specific areas.
Laser cleaning machine remove specific coating
Laser cleaning, also known as laser coating removal and laser paint removal, is a method of removing coatings by scanning the surface of a material with a laser beam. By setting the correct parameters in the laser cleaning system, it generates just enough heat to evaporate the coating without damaging the metal substrate. Laser cleaning machine  repeatedly irradiate a laser beam onto the surface of the material to deliver a large amount of energy, thereby heating and evaporating the coating. So you can apply the coating to the entire part and then remove the coating from specific areas with laser cleaning. With laser coating removal, you do not need to go through the complicated process of masking the surface before coating. Because of the positionable nature of the laser beam, laser cleaner is the best solution for quickly cleaning localized areas, offering precision unmatched by other methods.
The laser cleaning machine not only has good effect in the process of removing the coating, but also is easy to operate. Most of the laser cleaning equipment is designed with a hand-held laser cleaning gun. Users only need to hold the handle and aim the laser beam at the part to be cleaned to work. This cleaning method does not require the consumption of cleaning media, does not generate waste, and is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to remove coatings.
Laser cleaning can not only perform local cleaning after coating is added, but also before adding coating, laser cleaning also plays an important role. For metals with rusted or oily surfaces, in order to obtain good adhesion quality between the substrate and the coating, the surface often needs to be cleaned first. Laser cleaning machines can quickly and effectively remove various contaminants from metal surfaces and prepare them for coating.
laser cleaning
A laser cleaner is a versatile tool that plays an important role in spray applications. Laser cleaning requires a higher initial investment than traditional methods, but it offers a higher return on investment in mass production. Laser cleaning equipment is easy to automate and help manufacturers achieve their environmental goals, which is the trend and direction of industrial development.
If you are interested in laser coating removal, you can chat online and we will provide you with more videos to help you understand the effects of laser coating removal.

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