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Fiber laser cutting machine in construction machinery manufacturing industry

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Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry, mainly including the necessary mechanical equipment for comprehensive mechanized construction projects required for operations in various industrial fields. The manufacture of these construction machinery is composed of various sheet metal parts, and these sheet metal parts need to be processed through various processes such as punching and cutting.
With the continuous improvement of the demand for high-quality products in the machinery market, the requirements for construction machinery manufacturing are becoming more and more stringent. The cutting precision and cutting speed of traditional flame cutting and plasma cutting processes in the past have been far from meeting the needs of construction machinery. Therefore, it is necessary to use faster, more efficient and more reliable metal cutting equipment to complete the processing of basic workpieces. Faced with these demands, the fiber laser cutting machine stands out, and its advantages fully meet the development needs of the construction machinery manufacturing industry.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in construction machinery manufacturing

1. The energy of the laser metal cutting machine is relatively concentrated during cutting, and the heat-affected zone to the workpiece is small. The use of fiber laser cutting machine in the construction machinery industry to cut workpieces can effectively control the thermal deformation of the workpiece, especially for long workpieces that require straightness.
2. In the manufacture of construction machinery, many irregular-shaped workpieces are required, and the fiber laser cutting machine can perfectly cut workpieces of various shapes through the control of the numerical control system. On the other hand, the fiber laser cutting machine can choose the discharging function, which can maximize the use of materials and reduce the waste of materials, thereby reducing the cost.
3. The production of construction machinery requires many kinds of sheet metal parts. Traditional sheet metal parts are usually made by stamping machines, which will lead to the consumption of a lot of mold costs and the processing time is very long. The fiber laser cutting machine uses a professional metal cutting system without molds, and can directly cut any pattern design, reducing the cost of producing molds. Moreover, the high efficiency of laser cutting shortens the production cycle of construction machinery and improves the efficiency of manufacturers.
4. The laser processing technology conforms to the modern global energy saving and environmental protection engineering machinery processing technology requirements. The fiber laser metal cutting machine has the processing characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution and low cost, which provides a broad prospect for the use in the industrial field. In the production workshop using laser metal cutting equipment, a good environment has created a new image of the construction machinery brand. The production process of modern enterprises is clean, hygienic, efficient and high-quality.
5. The manufacture of construction machinery will use a lot of metal pipe fittings, and the fiber laser cutting machine can process various types of metal pipes by installing the rotary axis device, which is something no other metal cutting equipment can do. You can choose to add a rotary axis attachment to the side of the machine, so a metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine can cut both flat and tube. The wide range of cutting materials makes the fiber laser cutting machine more functional.
tube laser cutting machine
Fiber laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of different shapes and types of metal materials, helping enterprises to process high-quality construction machinery and equipment, so its wide application is inevitable. In terms of intelligent operation and cutting accuracy, fiber laser metal cutting machines are very suitable for the needs of construction machinery production.
At present, metal laser cutting machines have a power range of 1KW-30KW to choose from, and different powers are applied to sheet metal of different thicknesses. They can cut carbon steel and stainless steel with a thickness of 1mm-50mm in batches, which fully meet the production of various sheet metal parts of construction machinery. The application of fiber laser cutting machine in the construction machinery manufacturing industry has become a trend, and it is also a powerful assistant to promote the upgrading and transformation of the construction machinery industry.
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