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A detailed introduction to the advertising engraving machine

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     Advertising engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine two categories.Advertisement carving machine commonly used carving: breast plate, modeling, steel mold, engraving, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signage, sign making, hand plate, punching, printing plant knife mold, advertising word cutting, engraving advertising light box production.
     From the point of view of the function of advertising engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine two categories.Small power engraving machine refers to the engraving motor power is small engraving machine, because of its engraving motor power is small, each time can only be applied to the cutting surface less fine processing.For example: breast plate, sand table model, handicraft surface processing and so on.This type of engraving machine can not carry out high-power engraving and cutting.High power engraving machine refers to the engraving motor power in 700W above the engraving machine.This kind of engraving machine not only can carry on the small power engraving, but also can carry on the large power engraving.This point in the choice of engraving machine, is must pay attention to.If you are in this industry application, be sure to buy a high-power engraving machine to meet the needs of this industry.
     Engraving machine supplies and software applications: 
Engraving machine supplies should be very low, the general engraving machine applications milling machine processing tools, the price is only a dozen yuan.But some of the engraving machine all used is a special tool, greatly increased the cost of supplies.The application of software is also very important.Some brands of engraving machine software function is not complete, the engraving machine can not use other software.The engraving machine of other a few brands can apply common all sorts of software, want to have new software or some software has new function to upgrade only, these new technology can give you to create benefit immediately.
     Commonly used carving material
Double color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, density board, ABS.
     Carving materials are not often used
Metal materials (steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, etc., mainly used in the mold manufacturing industry), rubber leather, cow leather, stone, fire prevention board, cardboard, aluminum plastic board, copper clad board, resin board and other composite materials, horn seal, copper seal, steel seal, rubber seal and so on
     Applicable range
Hand-cut breastplate, modeling, steel, seals, furniture, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signs, signs, hand making, punching, printing cutting die cutting, carving, advertising light boxes, advertising words, as the material in the process of machining and processing way, also have different working parameters of cutting tool and should make appropriate adjustments.
     Main features editing
1, high machining accuracy, low noise, long service life. 
2, high power constant torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, cutting quantity, and the motor is not easy to damage. 
3, computer operating system, responsive, high stability, and easy to operate. 
4, ordinary bed, not easy to deformation, full welding process and after the vibration aging treatment, can ensure that the machine in high-speed operation is not shaking.
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