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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC milling machine

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     The engraving machine market closely follows the trend of the engraving industry.With the development of the carving industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for the carving machine manufacturers.Carving industry market segmentation has become increasingly mature, but only sporadic carving equipment professional series engraving machine launched, launched professional series engraving machine is the urgent matter of the manufacturers of engraving equipment development.Operation humanization, simplicity is a major development trend of CNC engraving machine
     In order to meet the needs of large-scale production, the simple operating system has become the engraving machine manufacturers are in urgent need of r & d projects.The simple operating system enables one person to operate several CNC engraving machines.
Perfect service system is the development of engraving machine manufacturers;The foundation for growth.The establishment of a sound service system is a lot of carving machine manufacturers urgently need to solve the problem.
     The development of China's CNC engraving machine has been several years, now there have been more and more relevant processing plants and users will focus on this shift.As users, we must choose the right device.Without the right choice, it will not only fail to bring benefits to the company, but also lead to embarrassment for the company.
     The English name of engraving machine is CNC engraving and e milling machine.Strictly speaking, engraving is part of milling.Buying engraving machine or buying CNC milling machine machining center is a problem we often encounter.
     differences between models
1. CNC milling machine and machining center are used to complete the processing of large milling products.
2. Engraving machine is suitable for small milling or light metal processing
      from the point of view of CNC system used by machine tools
1. Numerical control system of CNC milling machine and machining center requirements: stable and reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain.
2. Most engraving machines use industrial controllers independently developed or purchased by the enterprise.
     From the point of view of the power of each axis and spindle speed of the machine tool
1. CNC milling machine and machining center of the power of the axis is relatively large, the power of the spindle is also relatively large, spindle taper handle is about 30,40,50.Spindle speed is generally 8000RPM, is also the form of motorized spindle;It can also reach 20,000-60000rpm, but the corresponding price is relatively high.
2. Most engraving machines use a small power motor, the spindle speed is relatively fast, the speed is about 30,000, and the larger tool diameter can only be about 10 mm.
     Most engraving machines are used in the engraving industry.Some of the die and die industries also use these machines to facilitate engraving on materials, as well as milling with small cuts. Most machining centers are used in the machining industry.
     There are many such machines in the die and mould industry, and they are also used for the processing of precision parts and small batches of various machine tools.Therefore, in the selection of machine tools, must first find their own products, and then according to the product to choose the appropriate products.

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