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A detailed introduction to the automatic tool changing cnc router

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     Automatic tool changing cnc router is the highest technology engraving machine equipment, it has an independent tool library, can automatically change the required tools in the workpiece processing, do not need to stop work.To be able to carve complex patterns, choose different cutting tools, greatly accelerate the work efficiency, improve product quality.Automatic tool changing engraving machine is also the ultimate trend of the development of CNC engraving machine equipment. 
     Basic feature editing
1.Adopt gantry type high steel structure, ensure the aging treatment does not change;
2.The machine adopts rectangular steel tube welding, annealing to remove stress after heat treatment;
3.Adopt mesa not to move, gantry moves.
     Adopt Y axis double motor drive technology
Using Y axis double motor double drive technology, greatly improve the vibration resistance of machine tool triaxial, vibration can be reduced by nearly 10 times.Due to the use of double motor drive, the movement of the gantry to reduce the skew, improve the accuracy of contour processing, surface roughness can be reduced by half, in addition to the machine shaft acceleration can be increased by 20%, equivalent to the same equipment 3-5 sets of working efficiency speed.
Imported linear guide rail, three axis are imported linear guide rail rack drive;
Imported high-speed motor, using micro-step subdivision technology, fast speed, small vibration.
     Spindle drive system
     The spindle is driven by fuling. Frequency conversion control;High speed water cooled variable frequency spindle.
1.Adopt high speed collet and high speed nut, suitable for high speed machining;
2.After strict dynamic balance, to meet the requirements of high speed.
     Drag chain system
The cost of using flexible cables and chains is obviously much higher than that of using ordinary cables and chains.But it can guarantee the reliability of the machine.Machine tools are in motion at all times, the cable is repeated twists and turns, the use of general cable is very easy to be broken, will appear inexplicable failure, and very difficult to maintain.We use a fully enclosed chain system to ensure the absolute safety of the cable.
     Vacuum adsorption table performance introduction
1, the surface of the vacuum adsorption table, the material is hard PVC, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adsorption of materials of different areas.
2. The vacuum adsorption table is divided into 12 areas, which can be divided according to customer requirements. It can be processed in a single area or at the same time to improve the processing efficiency.
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