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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine errors generate and avoid
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Fiber laser cutting machine is a metal laser cutting equipment with a fiber laser generator as the light source. It outputs a laser beam with high energy density, which is concentrated on the surface of the metal material, and instantly melts and vaporizes the irradiated area. Then, the position where the laser spot is irradiated is moved by the numerical control control system to realize automatic cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting precision, small slit and fast speed, and the quality of its processed products is better than that of traditional metal cutting equipment. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machines occupy a large proportion in the manufacture of metal projects. But in the process of using the metal laser cutting machine, sometimes some cutting errors occur. What causes cutting errors and how can they be avoided?
Fiber laser cutting machine

Reasons and avoidance methods of fiber laser cutting machine error

1. When cutting metal, the thin plate is overheated and melted, and the thick plate cannot penetrate.
Fiber laser cutting machines use flat cutting data by default during metal cutting. If the surface of the metal plate is uneven, such as the metal plate itself is not flat or there are small particles on the surface, there will be uneven heating in different areas during cutting, which will cause the thin plate to overheat and melt, and the thick plate cannot penetrate. Therefore, before cutting, check the quality of the metal material.
2. There is a programming error during the processing of the fiber laser cutting machine.
The machining trajectories on complex surfaces are fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc., but there is an error between the fitted curve and the actual curve. This results in an error between the relative position of the actual focal point and the surface of the object to be machined and the ideal programmed position.
3. The actual thickness of the sheet metal exceeds the cutting range.
For example, a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plates up to 10mm thick. But now cutting a 12mm carbon steel plate, even if it can be cut through, there will definitely be mistakes or there will be dross at the bottom. Therefore, before cutting, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness of the metal plate matches the thickness that the laser cutting equipment can actually cut. Sheet metal quality accuracy beyond the cutting range cannot be guaranteed.
Fiber Laser Cutting Carbon Steel
4. Error in focus position
During the cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine, the error of the focus position will also cause the error during cutting. Many factors can change the relative position of the focal point to the product surface and also affect the accuracy of the processed product. For example, the level of the machine itself, the wear level of the machine bed rack, and the finish of the sheet metal surface. Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine needs to be inspected before cutting in order to reduce errors.
In addition to the above reasons, the laser output power and laser cutting speed will also affect the quality of sheet metal cutting. Therefore, when debugging the fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power meets the standard, and the cutting speed and the plate should achieve the best matching degree.
Under normal circumstances, the random error generated when the fiber laser cutting machine is working is unavoidable. We can reduce the generation of errors as much as possible according to the above points, thereby improving the precision of metal cutting.
Buying a high-quality fiber laser cutting machine is also an important way to reduce errors. ACCTEK will conduct professional pre-delivery debugging for each metal laser cutting equipment that leaves the factory, and provide professional training for users after receiving the equipment, helping users become experienced laser cutting machine operators as soon as possible.

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