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CNC Router Machine reasons and solutions for noise generated
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CNC router machine working process, the high-speed rotating tool will generate noise when it comes into contact with the material, which is a normal phenomenon. However, when other parts of the CNC router machine make abnormal noises, it is likely to indicate that the machine is faulty. Therefore, when using CNC machine tools, you should always pay attention to the machining conditions of the machine.

CNC Router Machine
In the process of running the CNC router machine, if you hear a heavy cutting sound or a harsh scream, it means that the processing state of the machine is abnormal. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the tool is damaged, whether the tool clamping is normal, and whether the tool parameters are accurate. If the above conditions are normal, it can be judged that the tool is worn, and it is necessary to stop processing and replace the tool.
In addition to the abnormal noise caused by the wear of the tool, the following conditions will cause excessive noise during processing:
1. Abnormal noise when the spindle motor is running
The service life of the spindle bearing has expired.
There is a quality problem in the spindle bearing.
The spindle bearings are worn and damaged.
If the life of the spindle bearing has expired, the spindle bearing needs to be replaced in time. If the spindle has quality problems, you can contact the CNC router machine manufacturer for repair or replacement.
If this sound is sometimes absent, sometimes it is loud and very irregular. It happens quite often on high speed motors. This can be caused by poor cleanliness of the bearing or oil. Solving this problem requires improving the cleanliness of the installation environment and the sealing performance of the bearings.
CNC Router Machine
2. Abnormal noise when the axis is running
Damaged axial motor bearing.
CNC router engraving machine guide rail lacks lubricating oil, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop and other reasons.
If this problem occurs, it should be dealt with in time according to the specific cause. Such as adding lubricating oil, replacing steel balls, etc.
In addition to the above two points, the CNC router machining speed parameter is set too high, which will cause the machine tool to be overloaded, and abnormal sounds may also occur.
If this problem occurs, try lowering the parameter value and check if the sound disappears. If there is no solution, you can contact the CNC router supplier to request remote assistance from engineers.
It should be noted that it is normal for the stepper motor to pause for each step. At a certain frequency, it will also cause the body to resonate and produce obvious noise. But this noise will not affect the normal use of the CNC router engraving machine.
During the use of the CNC router machine, noise in different parts indicates different faults. This requires the user to carefully distinguish where the abnormal sound comes from, so as to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

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