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Can CNC Router Machine cut aluminum?
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When you think of CNC router machines, wood and plastic usually come to mind. Some users will ask can CNC router machine cut aluminum? The answer is "yes", most CNC router machines are capable of cutting aluminum. By matching the aluminum to the correct feed rate, you can cut aluminum easily. At the same time, you will find that cutting aluminum with CNC router machines is not only time-saving and labor-saving, but also highly productive.
CNC router machine for cutting aluminum

Tips for Cutting Aluminum with CNC Router Machine

Fixing material
Even if you will be making very light cuts with a small CNC router machine, you must install the material and cutting tools in the strictest manner. The way you hold the material is essential to any type of CNC machine, but it's especially important when cutting aluminum with a CNC router machine. You want to avoid movement between the cutting tool and the material as much as possible, so you can get a better cut quality.
Do not reduce the feed rate too slowly
Because the spindle almost always runs very fast, too slow a feed rate can cause the tool to rub instead of cutting. In order to maintain the recommended cutting load at high rpm, the tool must be kept moving relatively quickly.
Equipping the machine with an mist cooling device
The mist cooling device can effectively reduce the adhesion of chips to the cutting edge, reduce the temperature of the aluminum material and the tool, and avoid damage caused by overheating of the tool. It can significantly improve the production efficiency of metal cutting processing and improve the processing quality of the workpiece.
Add sink device
When cutting aluminum, because it is necessary to spray water to cool the tool and material, in order to protect the machine and the workplace, a sink device can be added to the CNC router machine. This allows the waste water to be collected together and drained through the drain.
mist cooling device
Professional knives
In general, if you are cutting small amounts of aluminum, the usual knives of CNC router machines will work. But if you need to machine a lot of aluminum, it's best to use a special tool. The knives you need should be made entirely of aluminum, which helps to increase the recommended rotational speed to ensure that the CNC router machine's spindle runs at high speeds.
Use smaller diameter tools
Using a smaller diameter tool will increase the speed. Reduce to 1/4 and use rigid cutters in case of skew. Remember that carbide milling cutters are much harder than HSS.
The functions and applications of CNC router machine is very extensive. According to these operating tips, you can easily complete the cutting of aluminum materials. There are many types of CNC router machines for aluminum processing. How to choose the right CNC milling machine for aluminum depends on your requirements.

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