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Why does the fiber laser cutting machine have cutting errors?
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Since the widespread application of fiber laser cutting machines, the production efficiency in the field of metal processing has been significantly improved. Due to the high cutting precision, small slit, fast speed and small cutting deformation of the fiber laser cutting machine, the quality of the finished product is far superior to the traditional cutting process. Now, laser cutting equipment occupies a large proportion in the metal processing industry.
During the use of any machine, there will be some problems, and the same is true of laser cutting machines. For example, in the process of laser cutting metal, the parameters are clearly set, but cutting errors still occur. In this case, we need to find the cause of the error in order to adjust and solve the problem and ensure the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine

Reasons for cutting errors in fiber laser cutting machines:

Uneven metal surface
When the surface of the processed metal material is uneven or has small particle residues on the surface, since the setting of the cutting process is the default plane plate cutting data, the uneven metal surface will cause uneven heating in different areas when cutting, and the thin plate may be heated unevenly. Parts will overheat and melt, while thick plate areas may fail to penetrate.
Programming error
In the processing of fiber laser cutting machine, the processing trajectory on the complex surface is fitted with straight lines, arcs, etc., and there is an error between the fitted curve and the actual curve. These errors result in errors between the actual focal point and the relative position of the material surface and the ideal programmed position.
The actual thickness of the metal material exceeds the cutting range
For example, a 1500W fiber laser cutting machine can normally cut 12mm carbon steel plate. If you cut 14mm carbon steel plate for a long time, even if it can be cut through, there will be errors at the bottom or slag hanging. Therefore, before cutting metal, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the plate and the thickness that the laser equipment can actually cut. The quality accuracy of the plate beyond the cutting thickness range cannot be guaranteed.
Error in focus position
During the processing of the fiber laser cutting machine, the error of the focus position will also cause errors in cutting. Many factors can change the relative position of the focal point to the product surface, which can also affect the accuracy of metal workpieces. For example, the level of the machine tool itself, the degree of wear of the rack of the bed, etc. Inspection before the fiber laser cutting machine works can reduce cutting errors.
The above are the reasons for the cutting error of the fiber laser cutting machine, you can check according to the specific situation. Correct use of laser metal cutting equipment can effectively avoid cutting errors and obtain high-precision metal workpieces.

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