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Multifunctional CO2 and Fiber Combined Laser Cutting Machine
ACCTEK combined fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1325F-2 is a cutting and engraving equipment that combines a CO2 laser head and a fiber laser head. The CO2 laser head is used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials and the fiber laser head is used for cutting metal. This customized laser metal cutting machine allows users to process more types of materials and bring higher profits to the workshop.
The video shows you the process of CO2 laser cutting head processing wood and acrylic. Using Reci CO2 laser tube the beam is slender and high-quality spot. The cut finished product has smooth edges no burrs high cutting efficiency and stable quality.
The beam quality of Au3tech cutting head is stable. When cutting metal materials it can ensure a bright section and good cutting quality. You can see that during the entire cutting process the cutting seam is very small. This is beneficial to reduce the spacing of the accessories improve the material utilization rate. With Raycus1000W laser generator the cutting effect is more stable and finer.
Another feature of this fiber combined laser cutting machine is the use of a high-quality control panel. Ipad design screen has a vertical screen display different from the traditional horizontal screen display with good response speed higher contrast wider view low power consumption as well as high resolution. In addition it possesses high brightness levels and lower reflectivity as well as solid glass panel sturdiness and durability.
CO2 and fiber combined laser cutting machine is widely used. The fiber cutting head is mainly used for carbon steel stainless steel aluminum alloy titanium alloy galvanized steel sheet aluminum zinc plate copper and  many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on. The CO2 cutting head is mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials including wood acrylic rubber plastic cloth leather MDF etc.

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