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Fiber laser cleaning machine price

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As a brand-new industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning machine is widely welcomed in the industrial market. Compared with mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, fiber laser cleaning machine has many advantages such as high working efficiency, low operating cost, environmental protection and no pollution, which meets the needs of modern industrial production. Laser cleaning technology is currently a more reliable and effective cleaning method.

When users buy a laser cleaning machine, they must be most concerned about the laser cleaning machine price and performance. ACCTEK LASER introduces the price factors of laser cleaning equipment to you from two aspects.
The specific price of the laser cleaning machine rust removal depends on the power of the equipment and the type of laser, and its price ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. For laser cleaning machines, it is not that the more power, the more expensive the price. The 100W laser cleaning machine price is often higher than 1000W laser cleaning machine, because the 100W laser cleaning machine uses a pulsed fiber laser, while the 1000W laser cleaning machine uses a continuous fiber laser.
Fiber laser cleaning machine

1000W continuous laser cleaning machine and 100W pulsed laser cleaning machine

The effect of laser generator type on price

For laser cleaning applications, whether to buy a continuous laser or a pulsed laser should be selected according to the actual cleaning material, not the more expensive the better. There are two types of laser cleaning equipment using pulsed and continuous lasers on the market, and the two have fundamental differences in application scenarios.
Because the pulsed laser can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate temperature from being too high to cause micro-dissolving, so 100W pulsed laser cleaning machine is suitable for applications with high precision and no damage to the substrate, such as cleaning molds, electronic equipment, history cultural relics, etc. The high precision of the pulse laser cleaning machine determines the higher cost of the laser, so the 100W laser cleaning machine price is often more than 10,000 US dollars.
The 1000W continuous laser cleaning machine has a price advantage. ACCTEK 1000W laser cleaning machine price is only 7700 US dollars. If you buy three or more laser cleaning equipment at one time, you can buy it at a price of 7300 US dollars per set. The continuous laser cleaning machine is suitable for some large steel materials, tubes, etc. Due to the large heat dissipation block of the material area, the requirements for damage to the substrate are not high.
Laser cleaning machine rust removal

1000W continuous laser cleaning rust removal and 100W pulsed laser cleaning rust removal

The influence of laser cleaning machine power on price

After the laser generator type is selected according to the cleaning object, the laser power needs to be selected according to the efficiency requirements. Pulse laser cleaning machines are available in 100W/200W/300W. Continuous laser cleaning machines are available in 1000W/1500W/2000W. In the case of the same laser generator, the higher the power, the higher the cleaning efficiency, and of course the more expensive the price.
The price of laser cleaning machine rust removal machine is higher than that of traditional cleaning equipment, but there is no increase in the cost of consumables in the later period. Long-term use, the operating cost of laser cleaning equipment is lower. In addition, the laser cleaning machine has higher rust removal efficiency, and one person can complete the cleaning of multiple materials, which can reduce labor costs to a certain extent.
Laser cleaning machine is the trend of industrial cleaning development, you can communicate online to get videos of laser cleaning metal.

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