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Why and How to Choose an ATC CNC Router

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Today with the development of technology, CNC router now are popular all over the world, due to its high speed, greater accuracy, and reduced wastage, a CNC router can increase production capacity by many folds. There are various types, and ATC cnc router is a major category of CNC engraving machine, and it also represents the highest technology engraving machine equipment.
ATC cnc router machine compare with the normal type cnc router machine. Using high-power air-cooling ATC spindle, high precision, long life, stable operation, and good start-up performance. It is usually equip with 8 or 10 tools. Which can automatically change the required tool. It has the function of break point and continuous engraving after power failure. It is easy to operate and learn. ACCTEK ATC CNC Router are much more reliable than many CNC Router machines you find elsewhere at similar prices.
ATC CNC Router
First you should know the ATC CNC router can be used  to which industries, it can work for in various industries, such as :
1. CNC router for wooden doors and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-area plank carving, solid wood, panel furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, etc.
2. ATC cnc router for wood products processing: clocks, electrical countertops, sports equipment.
3.1325 ATC cnc router for musical instrument industry: three-dimensional curved surfaces of musical instruments can be engraved, and shape cutting
4. CNC wood router for arts and crafts industry: photo frames, jewelry boxes
5. 3axis cnc router for Electronics industry: engraving of circuit boards, insulating materials, LED displays, etc.
For the choice of cnc router machine, we choose advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment. The next step is to pay attention to the precision and running speed of the cnc router machine. Every step of the cnc router is related to the precision and running speed of the engraving machine. This requires professional machining techniques and detailed measurements. If you want your engraving products to be on the cutting edge, you have to keep improving in every way. There are also some main accessories of engraving machine precision, such as drive, motor, guide rail, etc., we should pay too much attention.
It is very important for the cnc router machine’s configuration. One standard ATC cnc router machine the working area s 1300*2500mm. Usually we called it 1325 atc cnc router machine. Whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, which has strong bearing capacity and small deformation. High precision, wear resistance and stable operation, and the production and assembly accuracy of machine parts is extremely high, which ensures the high performance and stability of the machine, and the quality is excellent.
The spindle is the life and blood of a CNC machine. It singularly represents the versatility of the cnc router. For the ATC cnc router we adopt 9.0KW Italy HSD air cooling spindle or Chinese brand HQD air cooling spindle. The spindle speed have two type 18000rpm or 24000rpm. The speed of the wood cnc router mainly affects the size of the cutting force, because the high-speed spindle is converted into cutting force through kinetic energy, and the higher the speed, the greater the cutting force. The speed of the cnc router will also affect the surface finish of the workpiece. High speed can produce high light.
CNC woodworking project
For our standard configuration atc cnc router we use imported 25mm linear guides for All three axes . We only use the best quality linear guides such as HIWIN and Yintai for our cnc router. Although these high-quality components cost more than others, outstanding quality is the only way to achieve the high precision and long life that users demand. 
For cnc router machine the other important part is the controller. ACCTEK 1325 ATC cnc router machine equip with Taiwan Syntec control system. The intelligent processing out-of-bounds protection function prevents mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent processing speed control can control the processing speed individually, improve processing efficiency. When you choose a cnc router machine, you must choose a with a dust collection device. Because it can absorb a lot of dust generated during the engraving process at any time. Even so, a certain amount of dust will remain in the air. The staff wear protective glasses and dust masks during work to protect the eyes and respiratory organs and prevent dust damage. Maintain the equipment in disguise, and keep the worktable clean and machine with the six-zone vacuum adsorption table, which can absorb plates of different sizes, replacing the previous mechanical plate fixing, shortening the processing time of external plates loading and unloading time.
In meet different customer’s special request, ACCTEK ATC cnc router machine also can equip with many other optional part. Locating pop-up pins can locate the materials in a very short time. If you want cut material at once you can choose equip with a saw on this machine, 320mm diameter and it can cut 50mm thickness material at once. Can sawing 360 degree. Which can help you save time in process .Usually the machine is 3 axis cnc router. If you want work for cylinder material. You can add a rotary device, so it have the 4 axis. Horizontal spindle can drilling hole for two side. We also can combine Oscillating knife function on this cnc router machine. So you will spend less cost and can get a multi function cnc machine.
cnc router with saw and cnc router with rotary
The other point you should consider when you choose a cnc router machine is service. We have very good pre-sale and after sale service if you choose our ACCTEK cnc router machine. Every cnc router machine must be tested before delivery, all of them are absolutely qualified. We provide online technical support, and, the engineer can be sent to your local to install or adjust if necessary. 
Each ACCTEK cnc router machine has a strict shipping standard process before shipment from the factory, so that the machine you received can be quickly put into use within 24 hours, because we help you improve the preparation work for all machines before use.
If you want choose a suitable cnc machine for your work, please let us know. We are going to be content to offer you a quotation up on receipt of your detailed needs. We provide reliable CNC routers of various sizes for your specific needs. Choose ACCTEK, you will get a high quality machine and good service.

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