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What's the difference between a laser engraving machine and a laser marking machine?
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    Laser engraving machine is a kind of technical equipment which USES laser engraving materials.Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods.
    Laser marking machine can be divided into optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and ULTRAVIOLET laser marking machine according to its working mode.Laser marking is to use the principle of laser beam to expose the evaporation of surface material to reveal the deep material or cause physical and chemical changes to the surface material engraving marks or burning some of the material through the light energy display required etching pattern, text.
    What's the difference between the two?
    1. Different depths of processing and printing.Laser engraving machine generally has a deeper engraving depth and greater power.The laser power ranges from 25W to 150W and the depth of the carved material varies from 0.1mm to 80mm, depending on the specific material.Generally speaking, wood products, sponges, acrylic resin and other materials carved deep.Laser marking machine generally printing depth is less than 5mm, laser speed between 10W and 100W.
    2, the processing speed is different, the laser engraving machine's engraving speed is generally 200mm/s cutting speed and 500mm/s carving speed laser marking machine's speed is generally three times the laser engraving machine.In terms of speed, laser marking machines are faster than laser engraving machines.As with mineral water producers, a 1-minute streamline is about 100 meters.
    3. The precision and speed of marking machine are much higher than that of engraving machine.The laser can be applied to the material surface with a fine beam, the width of which can be up to 0.02mm.It provides a wide application space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting.
    4, Laser marking machine can generally mark the format of 200 * 200mm, engraving machine can carve a large format.Laser marking machine USES galvanometer scanning, so the working width is relatively small.Laser engraving machine means that the main shaft of the engraving machine is replaced by a laser focusing lens and the laser is used instead of a machining tool.Therefore, as long as the XYZ axis is large enough, it is possible to process a larger format in a larger format, but precision and processing are required.Machines have a great influence on efficiency.In addition, due to the absence of galvanometer, optical path systems such as focusing lenses are more suitable for heat dissipation, so the laser power output is not limited.
    5. The optical path system of different laser engraving machines consists of three reflective lenses and a focusing mirror.The laser is usually a carbon dioxide glass tube.The lifetime of glass tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours.Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are disposable.The laser marking machine is generally a metal tube laser (non-metal marking machine and YAG solid laser (metal laser marking machine), the life is generally more than 5 years.The metal tube of the laser marking machine can be inflated again.
    6, engraving and marking materials, laser engraving machine engraving materials a wide variety of glass, crystal, acrylic, wood, marble, cloth, leather, felt, paper, PVC, plastic Mosaic and other non-metallic materials can be carved or cut.Laser marking machine industry is mainly used for cloth, leather, wood products, ceramics or metal products.
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    Laser engraving machine laser head does not emit light the main possibilities and common problems
    The laser switch is not on.A button with a laser switch on the panel is pressed down to turn on and up to turn off.
    The light path.This problem can also occur in the case of a large deviation of the optical path (i.e. the light is off the lens).The adjustment of the light path has been discussed in the previous section, so I will not talk more about it here, just adjust it by referring to the previous section.
    Press the operation panel test key to check the ammeter status:
    No current: Check whether the laser power supply is switched on, whether the high-voltage wire is loose or fall off, and whether the signal wire is loose
    Current: Check if the lens is broken and if the optical path is seriously deviated.
    Check that the water circulation system is in good condition
    Water out: Check whether the water cooler is not powered on or damaged
    Water supply: Check whether the inlet and outlet are connected backwards or the water pipe is broken.
    Can spot fire can self-check send data without light (check whether the computer Settings are correct)
    Laser power failure:
    After supplying the laser power supply, check whether the fan is running normally. If it is not running normally, then there is a problem with the laser power supply.It is necessary to replace the power supply.
    Whether provide signal detection, first MPC6535 interface card, at the time of continuous make laser light, with a multimeter (the positive on the high level input signal of the multimeter on one foot, the cathode on 4 feet on the ground), test and high level input signal is 1 foot laser control signal 3 feet, take a look at the voltage on the multimeter, if the voltage is far less than 3 v, the MPC6535 boards cannot provide the signal.
    Above if no problem, can detect the water line, take 3 feet and 4 feet short, open and see if there is a laser output (at this time to open the laser, must open the water-cooled machine, to laser tube cooling, otherwise it will damage the laser tube), if you have, then water-cooled machine signal has a problem, check whether the water line can have poor contact.
    If there is no problem with the above, check again whether the socket of the laser data line is in good contact.
    Definition of each Angle of power data line :(common power supply of laser tube above 100W)
    1 pin is 5V output power supply, its output current is 20mA
    2 pin is H (TH) input signal, control of switching light, light emitting at high level (3V), light emitting at low level (0.3V)
    3 pin is L (TL) input signal, control of switching light, light emitting at high level (3V), light emitting at low level (0.3V);
    4 Pin  is P (WP) input signal, control of switching light, light emitting at high level (3V), light emitting at low level (0.3V);
    5 foot is G signal ground, which must be connected with the shell of laser machine and the ground of control board
    6 The pin is IN input signal. The control end of laser power can be controlled by -5V analog signal or 5V PWM signal with amplitude.
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