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Why is laser engraving machine generally carved non - metallic material

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    With the rapid development of photoelectric technology, the application of laser engraving technology is more and more extensive, and customers have higher and higher requirements on the precision of engraving.Those who know about laser engraving machine all know that the main factors that affect laser engraving machine include: engraving speed, laser power, engraving accuracy, and material.Among them, the most important is the material.When it comes to materials, there are a lot of people have all kinds of questions, many of them do not understand is: laser engraving machine can be applied to wood products, glass, stone, paper, leather, alumina and other products, why can't sculpture metal?Here's why.
    1. Lattice engraving. Lattice engraving is similar to high definition lattice printing.As we all know, the laser head swings from side to side. Each time, a line composed of a series of points is carved. Then, the laser head moves up and down at the same time to carve a number of lines, forming a whole page of images or text scanning graphics, text and vectorized text can be engraved with dot matrix.
    2. Vector cutting, different from dot matrix engraving.Vector cutting is carried out on the outer contour line of the picture and text.We usually use this mode for penetrating cutting on wood, arc grain, paper, etc., and also for marking on a variety of material surfaces.
    3. Engraving speed.Engraving speed refers to the speed at which the laser head moves, usually expressed as IPS (in inches per second). High speed leads to high productivity. Engraving speed is also used to control the depth of cutting.You can adjust the speed either from the engraving machine panel or from your computer's print driver.On the 1% to 99% scale, the adjustment is 1%.Hummer's advanced motion control system enables you to achieve ultra-fine engraving quality at high speed.
    4. Engraving intensity.Engraving intensity refers to the intensity of the laser applied to the surface of the material.For a given rate of engraving, the greater the intensity, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving.You can use the engraving machine panel to adjust the strength, or you can use the computer's printing driver to adjust.Within the 1% to 99% range, the adjustment is 1%.The greater the intensity, the greater the velocity.The deeper the cut is.
    5. Spot size.The size of laser beam spot can be adjusted with different focal length lens.Small speckled lenses are used for high resolution engraving.Large spot lenses are used for lower resolution engraving, but for vector cutting, it is a premium choice for new equipment with a standard configuration of 2.0 inch lenses.Its spot size is in the middle, suitable for all kinds of occasions.
    Generally, CO2 laser is used in laser engraving machine, but the power of laser tube now belongs to small and medium power range.So it's going to be about 100W.Originally metal absorption of this wavelength laser is large, so laser engraving machine is generally not to carve metal.
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    Safety precautions for laser engraving machine
    1. During the working process of the machine, the operator is forbidden to leave without permission to avoid unnecessary losses.
    2. When the machine is working, cover the top cover plate of the machine to prevent laser deviation and injury.
    3. As there are laser and high-pressure parts in the machine, non-professionals are strictly prohibited to dismantle the machine without permission.
    4. The grounding of all parts of the machine must be completely reliable to prevent electrostatic injury.
    5. Since this kind of laser is not visible light, it is strictly prohibited to place inflammable and explosive objects near the equipment, in case of fire caused by laser deviation.
    6. It is strictly prohibited to place any irrelevant total or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from directly reflecting on the human body or flammable objects.
    7. During the working process of the machine, the operator must observe the working condition of the machine at any time (such as: deformation of the hook edge, whether the paper laid is blocked by the air pump, abnormal sound of the machine, water temperature of circulating water, etc.).
    8. Do not push or pull the trolley or beam by hand.
    9. The environment where the machine is located is pollution-free, without interference and influence of strong electricity and strong magnetism.
    10. Do not start the machine when the voltage is unstable, otherwise the voltage regulator must be used.
    11. It shall not be used without trained personnel.
    12. Continuous working time of the machine shall not exceed 5 hours (a break of more than half an hour is needed in the middle)
    13. Water circulation should be kept clean and the water temperature should not exceed 20-30 degrees (pure water is recommended).
    14. Do not start the ammeter at its maximum value to avoid breakdown of the laser power and shortening the life of the laser tube
    15. Basic limitations of laser power supply (i.e. ammeter cannot exceed 20mA at most)
    16. If the machine breaks down or there is a fire, please cut off the power immediately.
    The above terms and conditions must be strictly observed by the user, otherwise the manufacturer shall not be responsible for any personal injury or damage to the machine.
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