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What is the most important thing for an advertising engraving machine
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    Advertisement engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and large power engraving machine.Advertisement engraving machine commonly used for engraving: name plate, modeling, steel mold, furniture carving, gift, souvenir, handicraft, signboard, signboard making, hand board, punching, printing factory knife mold, advertisement word cutting, engraving advertisement light box making, etc
    From the function of advertising engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine two categories.
    Small power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine with small engraving motor power, because of its engraving motor power is small, each time can only be used for cutting surface less fine processing.For example: badge, sand table model, handicraft surface processing and so on.This type of engraving machine can not do high power engraving and cutting.
    High-power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine whose motor power is above 700W.This kind of engraving machine can not only carry out small power engraving, but also carry out large power engraving.For example: making crystal word, all kinds of advertising signs, plate irregular under the material molding, artificial stone processing.Because of its high power,
    If you are applying in this industry, be sure to purchase a engraving machine that can perform high power engraving to meet the needs of this industry.
advertising engraving machine

    In the use of advertising engraving machine when many friends are busy learning how to use it, learn the use of advertising engraving machine skills, but ignore its use environment little realize that this is also very important.Today here to remind everyone must pay attention to the use of engraving machine environment.
    Engraving machine has certain requirements for the working environment.
    1, avoid strong electricity, strong magnetic and other equipment that seriously affect the engraving machine signal transmission.Such as electric welding machine, transmitter tower, etc.
    2. Use three-core power supply to ensure good grounding of engraving machine and reduce interference.
    3. Voltage is required to be stable to avoid large fluctuations. It is better to use a voltage regulator.
    4. The machine shall not work for a long time in the environment of strong acid and strong base.
    Advertisement engraving machine maintenance and maintenance engraving machine is mainly used for processing business processing of powder, dust more.During use, it is necessary to keep the screw, polished rod and other parts clean and lubricated in a timely manner to clean the dust and lubricate the transmission parts. Operators shall timely clean and refuel the transmission parts. Live unplugging is strictly prohibited.
    The engraving machine has a wide range of engraving software available.For example, Wintai engraving, CasMate -- Pro CaXA Mastercam, ARTCAM, SmartCAM, Type3, etc. Please choose the correct operating software to meet your engraving requirements.

    Processing problem
    1, the rationality of the processing technology, processing accuracy in addition to rely on the engraving machine to ensure reasonable processing technology is also very important.In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, please pay attention to the rationality of processing technology.
    2, advertising engraving machine tool use, because the manufacturing process and precision of the tool itself affect the machining accuracy.Therefore, please choose the tool suitable for processing.
    3. Operators' proficiency and sense of responsibility also have a great impact on machining accuracy.
    4, the wear of the machine is the engraving machine in the use of the inevitable process with the passage of time to use the machine wear will reduce the accuracy of the machine.Only to understand the use of advertising engraving machine environment our safety can be guaranteed.And it's going to be much easier to get things done as long as you're paying attention to all of these things.
    Whether it is advertising engraving machine or other types of engraving machine believe that more or less in the process of processing will appear such and such problems, such as the occurrence of processing beyond the limit or abnormal interruption in the processing of the problem.
    Next say carving machining transfinite problem, is the usual cause of problems in processing of zero "physical coordinates" + "to be processing file size value beyond" "soft limit caused by setting the maximum or minimum value, determine such problem, the method of user defined processing after zero, started the processing of X or Y axis is beyond the limit in a certain direction.So how to solve this problem, you need to re-select the appropriate processing zero can be solved.
    So how to solve the problem of abnormal interruption in processing?First, find out the reason for this problem. It may be that the soft limit area set is smaller than the actual machining area of the machine tool.
    Judging method, the system can normally start processing, processing after a period of time occurs abnormal interruption.
    The solution is to modify the soft limit area larger than the actual machining area of the machine.
advertising engraving machine

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