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What is the difference between a true and false four-axis cnc router

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    Engraving machine - looking at the whole country, Jinan is the "engraving machine capital".At the start of the engraving machine industry, around around in jinan for a variety of brands, companies big and small, all kinds of quality, wide variety of carving factory in different speed in growth, of course, some manufacturer fails to hold up the challenge of the market, disappear in the army of engraving machine, however all walks of life there are always stand out from the enterprise to become the industry leader.As the saying goes: success is not accidental, in the vast army of engraving machine, want to base on this market is not accidental.After several years, we use the product quality to determine the survival of the enterprise, we use the product research and development to determine the long-term development of the enterprise, we use the product reputation to determine the foothold of the enterprise
    The four-axis engraving machine is just a carving machine that complies with the development of mold processing. Its existence is not a substitute for the products of the three-axis, but an innovation in the development of the engraving machine. The four-axis engraving machine makes the multi-angle engraving machine no longer a luxury.
    First understand what is a three-dimensional four-axis engraving machine.Generally is in the plane engraving machine on the basis of A rotation axis, also known as axis A, is the four axis three-dimensional engraving machine.So what kind of carving machine is a real four-axis carving machine and what is a false four-axis carving machine?We take a cylindrical three-dimensional carving are common examples of four axis, the carved out a short stick to a circle, a three-dimensional figure of Buddha sculpture is cylindrical three-dimensional sculpture, the sculpture work, there are four axis but with triaxial system, also is to use the x or y axis to drive the axis of rotation, the real work is three-axis linkage of engraving machine engraving machine is four axes three linkage.
    Second, we understand what is really four axis linkage engraving machine, is refers to the X, Y, Z, A, (also known as C, in fact, the word problem is four axis linkage, that is to say the four axis is can exercise at the same time. Believe there are A lot of customers friends heard of or contact with three axis machine engraving machine combined with the rotation axis, look this is four axis, the carving machine is normally used for cylindrical relief, which is in the cylinder surface relief carving, wood and stone materials, general carving samples can pass this kind of carving machine to realize four axis three linkage.
    When do you use a real four-axis engraving machine?Engraving content is different, determines the type and configuration of the carving machine is different, have cylindrical three-dimensional sculpture demand, really will use four axis engraving machine, if it's just cylindrical surface relief sculpture demand, so as long as with three axis system with three axis rotation axis engraving machine line, after all, the original four axis system with three axis between the prices are quite different.The four-axis system generally has Beijing Ruizhi Tianhong A18, Shanghai Weihong 85A card.
    But in fact, there are four axis carving machine and the real meaning of the four-axis carving machine is very different.Four-axis engraving machine, only with a special four-axis system, with the corresponding software to make a special knife path, can be called a real four-axis engraving machine, can also complete only four-axis engraving machine can complete the work - cylinder three-dimensional four-axis engraving.
    What are the advantages of a true four-axis engraving machine:
    1. The rotation axis of the real four axes is linked with the other three axes, so that the space carving scope and ability are stronger and the three-dimensional carving effect is better.
    2. Different control systems, different machine assembly structures, different circuit structures, and different engraving ranges.
    3, true four can be dug more than 90 degrees of groove, false four can not, there will be some trouble to learn drawing, but focus on the exquisite carver, ordinary three axis can not be engraved, four axis can be easily done.
    Three-axis round carving generally refers to x, Z, A axis synchronous carving, can only do some regular, symmetrical round carving.Four axis x, Y, Z, A synchronous sculpture, can do regular, irregular, symmetric, asymmetric round carving.Like Europe type sofa leg 4 axis can carve 3 axis cannot carve.
    The true 4 axis is X, Y, Z, A all move, only X (or Y), Z, A move is false 4 axis.Depends on the tool path software.There is no true 4 axis and false 4 axis, this is a kind of abbreviation of our players. 
    One is xyza4 axes, moving together.Make a round carving and carve at a big Angle.Let's say you stand with your hands on your hips.The position of the arm is not carved from the vertical Angle, you have to lay it flat before carving.So we have to move the Y-axis.And what we call the false 4 axis, is xza and these three axes are moving.Then, if the Y-axis does not move back and forth, the knife can only carve some inverted trapezoidal surface from the top, it cannot be carved.This is the difference between true and false.

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