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How to understand woodworking cnc router three maintenance seven use principle

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    Most of the old woodworking engraving machine users know this concept, woodworking engraving machine this kind of machinery is like a car, but also need more maintenance, the so-called seven maintenance three repair, so that the service life of engraving machine can be longer.But now a lot of new contact with engraving machine users will be due to all kinds of wrong operation resulting in engraving machine problems, and then began to look for repairman repair, in fact, this behavior on woodworking engraving machine durability loss is very serious, even more than let woodworking engraving machine continuously work for a month or so to be serious.
    Woodworking engraving machine if the maintenance of the work done well, can be very good to ensure the running state of woodworking engraving machine, that is, the running stability of woodworking engraving machine, processing speed and processing precision, can be very good guarantee;But if you don't do preventive maintenance and woodworking engraving machine, so the early may fix it several times, but later the problem will be more and more, repaired here, there is a problem, because the loss of one or several parts of woodworking engraving machine is more serious, will affect the normal work of the other parts, less maintenance, forced to wear and tear parts will be, the more the running of the whole machine is more problematic.

    How should woodworking engraving machine maintain?
    1. Working environment
    (1)Ensure the ambient temperature of the operation room, pay special attention to the temperature of the operation room in winter.Woodworking cabinet door engraver had better reach room temperature, at least the staff won't feel very cold.
    (2)Check the applicable temperature of the refueling standard, and at least reach the minimum temperature.
    (3)When the machine is not in use, if the room temperature is low, it is best to pour out the water in the water tank to prevent the freezing water tank and water pipe.The temperature does not have a great impact on the woodworking engraving machine, but because many customers add butter to the lead screw, they also forget to clean it in winter, which leads to the failure to start up and run every time. In some studios, the temperature is very low, although the oil is added, it can still freeze up and the machine cannot run.
    (4)The humidity in the operation room should not be too high, otherwise the electrical accessories of the machine will be easily lost.
    (5)The operation of electromagnetic interference must pay attention to, interference is too big, it is easy to make woodworking engraving machine processing accuracy affected..
    2. Clean up
    Woodworking engraving machine use, must pay attention to clean up the table and exposed the dust on the electrical accessories, wood chips, etc., including machine guide rail, slider, ball screw, spindle motor and control box, especially the industrial dust box a bit more leads to a circuit board running out of the question, it is easy to appear the breakpoint, run, and so on and so forth..
    3. Computer maintenance
    Most woodworking engraving machine is to use the computer to operate, and the computer once the problem of the whole woodworking engraving machine can not be used, so good maintenance of the computer is also very important.Computer maintenance pay attention to the following aspects.
    (1)Clean the dust of the chassis regularly. Use the air spray gun and small brush to clean regularly. Be careful that excessive dust causes the industrial control card to come out.Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis, especially in summer, careful control line temperature is too high to burn the circuit board and other equipment.
    (2)Regularly clean up computer garbage, defragment the disk, optimize the computer system, and maintain the stability of the computer system.
    (3)Check and kill computer viruses regularly, but pay attention to the work can not turn on the degree of anti-virus, careful interference.

    In addition to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine, the staff themselves should also pay attention to safety, including the following points:
    (1)The most important thing is to maintain a clean working environment, which can not only reduce the probability of failure, but also provide a relaxed mood.
    (2)Be careful of electric shock. The interface of the woodworking engraving machine should not be touched casually.Do not work in dark, damp places. Do not work in flammable liquids and gases.
    (3)Keep outsiders and children away from the workplace. Visitors not related to homework should be kept at a suitable distance.When machining, the operator's hand should be away from the machining spindle;When processing stops, cut off the power supply, prohibit outsiders, children touch at will.
    (4)According to the reasonable working process allowed by the system, do not use the low-power spindle to do heavy work, do not use indiscriminate processing tools, before processing must be done to fix the material, do not use hands to fix.
    (5)When working, do not wear loose clothes and jewelry, so as not to be involved in the woodworking carving machine, it is recommended to wear non-slip rubber shoes, long hair to wear a hat, when processing metal or debris materials, must wear goggles to protect the eyes
    (6)Do not pull out the connecting cable or the power plug, the cable should be away from heat sources and inflammable and explosive items, while avoiding contact with sharp objects, refer to the maintenance procedures of the manual, timely lubrication, regular inspection and maintenance, to ensure the reliable use of the entire woodworking engraving machine performance.
    (7)When changing the tool, cut off the power supply of the spindle motor; when changing the processing material, cut off the power supply of the numerical control equipment; before starting the machine, remove the wrench of the machining spindle; keep a sufficient distance in the processing process, keep your head clear; do not operate when tired.
    (8)If do not use the engraving machine for a long period of time, regular weekly refueling idling, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system, require engraving machine under 10 hours/day continuous operation, ensure the normal work of the cooling water clean and the water pump, water shortage phenomenon to appear water-cooled spindle motor, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high, circulating water as much as possible, can change the large capacity water tank.

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