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What is the difference between a cnc router 4 axis and a cnc router 5 axis

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When it comes to buying a CNC machine, the first and perhaps most important consideration you need to make is how many axes you need. Do you need a 3 axis CNC router, a 4 axis CNC router, or a 5 axis CNC router? In this guide, we reveal the differences between 4, and 5 axis CNC machines. We’ll also explore which uses each type of machine is best suited to so you can easily find the right CNC router for you.

4 Axis CNC Machine

A 4 axis CNC machine features the same three axes as on 3 axis machines, but it also has rotation around the X-axis. This is known as the A-axis. In 4 axis CNC router machining, the workpiece is also usually rotated. This means the machine can act as a milling machine as well as a CNC lathe.
A 4-axis CNC can be arranged in different ways, but they are most commonly set up for vertical machining. This means that the spindle rotates about the Z-axis, while the workpiece is mounted in the X-axis and can therefore rotate in fixture with the A-axis. In a single fixture setup, a 4 axis CNC router can work on four sides of a workpiece.
4 axis machining offers much greater flexibility than 3 axes. For example, it’s ideal for drilling on the side of parts or on cylindrical surfaces – something that isn’t capable with a 3-axis CNC mill.
In a single fixture setup, a 4 axis CNC router can work on four sides of a workpiece. This means it provides a more efficient way of machining parts that would require numerous fixtures if using a 3 axis CNC milling machine, reducing both cost and the time needed to machine the piece.
Also, no fixture changes mean that tighter tolerances are held between features on different sites of the workpiece. 4 axis CNC routers are thus more accurate than 3 axis CNC machines.

4 Axis CNC Router


5 Axis CNC Machine

A 5 axis CNC machine offers even greater flexibility and efficiency than 4 axis machines.
Like in 3 and 4 axis machines, the spindle and cutting tool in 5 axis machines move along the X, Y, and Z-axis. However, in a 5 axis CNC machine, there are rotations around two of the three axes. The rotation around the X-axis is called the A-axis, the rotation around the Y-axis is the B-axis, and the rotation around the Z-axis is the C axis.
5 axis machines can use any two of the rotational axes at the same time, depending on the machine’s configuration. This is either the A-axis and C-axis, or B-axis and C-axis.
In a 5 axis CNC machine, the rotation can occur by either the spindle or the workpiece. This multidimensional movement offers unparalleled accuracy and means that it can perform a wide variety of functions, including milling, turning.
Therefore, with a 5 axis CNC mill you can use a single machine for projects that would otherwise require multiple machines, as it can cut five sides of a part in one fixture. It also offers greater efficiency and improves tool life.
5 Axis CNC Router


1. Diversity

Manual carving is not reproducible, unique, carving craft look and feel relatively single, and jinan woodworking carving function to achieve the same effect, but also to achieve mass production, carving effect has diversity.

2, high precision, strong function

At present, the jinan woodworking cnc router machine on the market is mainly ordinary 3 axis CNC router, there are poor precision, single function and other shortcomings, for the relatively complex engraving requirements, the need for multiple clamping workpiece, making the engraving cost on the high side, low work efficiency.The new 5 axis woodworking cnc router can not only ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, but also improve the processing efficiency.

3. Low cost

The imported 5 axis cnc router machine is expensive and has high maintenance cost. The new 5 axis cnc wood machine is independently designed in China, which adopts square hollow steel composite welding structure and USES ANSYS finite element simulation to further optimize the mechanical structure, reduce the manufacturing cost and low maintenance cost in the later stage.

5 Axis CNC wood router has the advantages of diversity, high precision, strong function and low cost. Its application is a great blessing to many furniture manufacturers, which can improve production efficiency and reduce the cost. It is a very good use of jinan woodworking carving machine equipment, worth everyone to buy.Of course, when everybody is choosing, must choose normal woodworking carve machine factory, the quality that assures woodworking carve machine equipment.


Number & movement of axis
Of course, the number of axes is the most obvious difference, and this influences the directions and movement of the spindle. A 4 axis CNC router has one rotational axis, while a 5 axis CNC machine has two rotational axes.
Flexibility, accuracy & efficiency
Put simply, the more axes there are, the better the machine in terms of flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. The rotational axis of a 4 axis CNC machine gives it increased flexibility and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. The added rotational axis and the faster rotational speed of a 5 axis machine gives even more flexibility.

CNC router machine products have different options for different application scenarios, 4 axis cnc router and 5 axis cnc router are widely used, 4 axis cnc machine in the solid wood furniture industry, mainly used in three-dimensional sculpture, cylindrical sculpture, animal models, large architectural models, three-dimensional sculpture and curved furniture and curved board sculpture.
In addition to having all the functions of the 4 axis cnc router, the 5 axis cnc router also has the function that the 4 axis cnc machine cannot complete. The scope of engraving is more comprehensive, which can truly reduce labor costs and realize the automatic intelligent engraving system.

Five-axis curved surface engraving machine has RTCP tool tip following, five-axis difference compensation, complete real-time linkage, processed products with high precision, smooth and no defects.Reduce forced vacancy leakage carving, carving products basically do not need to be polished, no need to repair, a full automatic. 5 Axis cnc machine in the field of application is also more widespread, the wood pattern, bubble, blister mold, casting mold, and other fields can also come in handy, at the same time products in trimming, sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing area is also handy and indispensable processing equipment, is done automatically processing enterprises, the first option of profitability and reducing consumption.

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