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Analysis of common problems in laser engraving machine
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1) the engraving machine cannot return to the mechanical origin normally

1: the machine is set back to the origin in the opposite direction.

2: the control card is malfunctioning or loose.

3: limit switch or data line failure.

4: drive failure.

5: stepping motor line fault.


2) different carving shades

1: the control card is loose or out of order.

2: stepping motor failure.

3: drive failure or current breakdown is inconsistent with software Settings.

4: z axis motor line fault.

5: spindle motor fixture is loose.

6: frequency converter interference or wrong data setting.

7: static interference.

8: computer virus or system problem.


3) prompt when opening the software: triaxial alarm, initialization error

1. Check the connection between the computer and the machine.

2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned out and replace the fuse.

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4) carving

1: control card failure.

2: frequency converter interference.

3: the file path is wrong.

4: static interference.

5: there is a problem with the software setup.

6: drive failure or wrong current breakdown setting.

7: data line failure.

8: the computer has a virus or system problem.


5) the bottom of the engraving machine is uneven

1: the spindle is not perpendicular to the table, so it should be corrected.

2: knives have problems.

3: there is something wrong with the control card or the signal is interfered.


6) when opening the software, the computer will prompt "failed to open the card, please check the card".

1. Check whether the driver of the board card is installed, or change the board card into a PCI slot.

2. Reinstall the two data cables and check if there is any broken needle.

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