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What is the difference between CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine
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    Engraving and cutting machines are wood processing machinery.It is the field that its process is different only, each does its duty, each show its ability just.
    CNC material opening machine, as the name suggests, is the CNC controlled automatic material opening equipment.Aiming at the current market situation of board furniture and based on the upgrade of woodworking engraving machine, the material opening machine is a professional customized furnishing material opening equipment which is faster than the traditional push table saw and more intelligent than the NUMERICAL control electronic saw.
    In order to adapt to a large number of material opening work, the spindle compared with the ordinary engraving machine is larger, the power of the driving motor is also relatively large, now easy to open the work requirements.According to the material utilization rate, the material opener can better adapt to the docking of professional material opener software, which is specially designed for the board furniture industry.Engraving machine mainly to carve a variety of flower shape, door shape and other processing with patterns.Engraving machine can also cut material, but relative to the opening machine speed is slower.
    The machine is mainly to open a board into different specifications of the size, is customized plate furniture material, drilling, milling groove of the special equipment, unique double adsorption table and auxiliary feeding roller wheel, convenient workers loading and unloading, the operation is more quick and simple.However, CNC cutting machine is the evolution of woodworking engraving machine.
    Compared with the traditional equipment, the NUMERICAL control material cutter has the advantages of fast speed and high precision.Because the feeding machine is controlled by NUMERICAL control, the pushing table saw is manual pushing material, so the speed and precision of the numerical control feeding machine are much higher than the pushing table saw.Compared to electronic saws: Customizable.As it is controlled by computer numerical control, customized production can be carried out, which is suitable for the current customized production of the whole house. Compared with pushing table saw, electronic saw can realize automatic typesetting of related software, which can save about 10% of the plate.CNC material opening machine is based on multi-process engraving machine technology upgrade configuration and modification of a small part of the structure and upgrade, more suitable for board furniture, the whole house custom material opening function, but also give consideration to the cabinet door, wardrobe door and other three basic functions of the process.Cutting machine can also be carved reliefs, also can cut hollow out, cutting machines and engraving machine in addition to configure different structure is different also, cutting machine is high speed, high precision, long cutting performance is stable, cutting out the board that no blade, the cutting face smooth without burr, cutting board is not easy to cutting knife, CNC cutting machine adopts reasonable configuration, unique design process, have plate positioning function, electric type vacuum adsorption time to save time.
    CNC engraving machine is intelligent engraving equipment, CNC material opening machine is intelligent board furniture material opening equipment.
    CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine have overlapping functions. The cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting, punching, grooving, milling, carving and other functions of board furniture, while the engraving machine is mainly used for the relief, hollow out carving, three-dimensional carving and other functions of plate or three-dimensional pieces.
    In addition, from the price, the opening machine price is higher than CNC engraving machine a lot of factors affecting the price is mainly reflected in the configuration and control system.
    Engraving machine configuration is usually ordinary lathe bed, smouldering fire guide rail sliding block are generally 20 models, most of mesa structure are the soft PVC, aluminum alloy, most of them are domestic stepper motor driven motor rack rack and select the relatively small modulus of 1.25 purpose, the integrated embodiment of these configuration is running slow, heavy load for long run situation will lead to inaccurate throw step precision, even affect the service life of the machine.
    Cutting machine configuration of most of them are now double increase five surface milling machine body, stable and firm performance are relatively engraving machine to improve a lot, and the overall weight than carving machine double or even more than the body weight, mesa structure is mostly hard mesa of fire retardant PVC vacuum adsorption and cutting machine in order to satisfy the plate cutting this kind of high precision, heavy work load and mostly select 25 or 30 types of side rail slider, and in the x, y axis are equipped with reducer, axial equipped with brake device, rack is mostly choose 1.5 mu, the drive motor is domestic hybrid servo, closed-loop servo or pure imported servo motor,This not only meets the standards of fast speed and high precision, but also can meet the requirements of long time processing, improve the processing efficiency.
    The other is the configuration of the two spindles above, engraving machine is generally a small power water-cooled spindles or small power air-cooled spindles, generally are. 5KW, 2.2KW, 3.2KW.And the opening machine in order to be able to cut plate at high speed
Most materials are equipped with high-power air-cooled spindles, such as 4.K, 6W, 9KW, 12KW, etc
    In the system, engraving machine is generally a macro board control system or four axis machine handle control system, and many manufacturers are equipped with pirated CARDS, although the price is low, but also prone to some problems.
    Openers rarely use pirated systems, most of them are Shenzhen Shanlong, Shanghai Weihong, Taiwan Baoyuan or the new generation of intelligent panel control system.This also allows the performance of the machine than the engraving machine to optimize a lot.
    Then there are the differences in the use of software. Engraving machines are generally fine carving, Ventai, ARTCAM, PM and other software to facilitate the operation of carving, cutting and embossing.And open material machine because the requirement on the function, use a few professional fold sheet to open material software mostly, if cloud xi, alpha, new dawn yuan, 1010, the professional cabinet cabinet door software such as sea xun.It is more convenient to learn and operate, and more powerful to realize functions.
    With the matching typesetting software, the material opener can realize online design, rendering 3D effect drawing, 2d effect drawing, one-key folding, optimization of typesetting automatic hole arrangement and other functions. The vacuum adsorption table can greatly improve the processing efficiency.And install the different shape of the flower knife, not only can achieve all the functions of the carving machine, and do cabinet door, wooden door modeling,.
    The above is the difference between the basic engraving machine and the CNC opening machine, and the details of the two machines are also very different, if you are interested in understanding can leave a message for consultation.

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