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How to choose woodworking engraving machine tool
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    How to choose woodworking engraving machine tool?
    1. Properties of the material to be cut
    Wood cutting objects are solid wood and wood composite materials.Solid wood can be divided into soft materials, hard materials and modified wood and other wood composite materials including veneer laminated timber, plywood, particleboard, directional particleboard, large particleboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, hard fibreboard, medium density fibreboard, high density fibreboard, joinery board, glued into wood, etc.Some wood or wood composite material work pieces also through one or two - sided veneer decorative processing.
    2. Cutting direction
    When cutting solid wood, according to the direction of the blade relative to wood fiber, wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end and longitudinal, longitudinal and transverse direction.
    3, tool rotation direction and feed direction
    According to the rotation direction of the tool shaft and the direction of the wood workpiece feed, determine the tilt direction of the edge on the tool
    4. Tool and workpiece stability
    The stability of the tool and the workpiece in the cutting process includes several aspects. The stability of the workpiece refers to the smooth feed of the wood workpiece in the cutting process without runout.To strengthen the stability of the workpiece, the main measures are to reduce the workpiece center of gravity and increase the contact area.
    5. Machining surface quality requirements
    The surface quality of wood workpiece includes surface roughness, geometric dimension and shape and position accuracy.
cnc router

    We all know that engraving machine can be carved and milling, so what is the difference between engraving machine and CNC milling machine?Today, xiaobian through the comparison of their respective advantages and characteristics, let you understand a little bit of their differences.
    CNC milling machine processing has the following advantages:
    1. Flexible processing and strong versatility
    The most characteristic of CNC iron bed is high flexibility, that is, flexible, universal universal, can be processed in different shapes of the workpiece.In CNC milling machine can be completed drilling, boring, drilling, milling plane, milling inclined plane, milling groove, milling surface (CAM), tapping and other processing.In general, can be a clamping on the completion of the required processing procedures.
    2. High machining accuracy
    CNC milling machine has a higher processing precision, can process a lot of ordinary machine tools difficult to process or very cannot process complex surface, so in the processing of a variety of complex mold more show its advantages.
    3. High production efficiency
    CNC milling machine usually does not use a special fixture and other process soft equipment.When the workpiece is replaced, only the processing program stored in the NUMERICAL control device is called, the workpiece is clamped and the tool data is adjusted, thus greatly reducing the production cycle.Secondly, CNC milling machine has the function of milling machine, so that the process highly concentrated.Greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the workpiece clamping error.In addition, CNC milling machine spindle speed and feed speed are continuously variable, conducive to the choice of the best cutting parameters.According to statistics, CNC milling machine processing than ordinary milling machine processing production efficiency can be increased by 3 ~ 5 times, for the complex forming surface processing, production efficiency can be increased by a dozen times, even dozens of times.
    Finishing machining has the following advantages:
    1. High degree of automation.The specific engraving process is completed automatically by the CNC engraving machine.
    2. With the function of drilling and milling, it can be used for drilling, trimming and processing small molds, with high cost performance.
    3. Expanded the field of sculpture.Simply by changing the control program, the machine can carve relief, various complex surfaces, support a variety of cutting tools, improve the quality of the carved surface, improve engraving efficiency.
    4. High dimensional accuracy and good consistency.CNC engraving process is completed by computer control, can achieve high precision and surface quality batch processing, the consistency of the product is good, this is very important for the small die industry.
    5, simple structure, small volume, easy to operate
    6, engraving machine production cost is low, the price advantage is one of the reasons many users choose engraving machine
    7, simple maintenance, industrial product design standards, simple maintenance can be like the long-term stable use of industrial machine tools.
    Generally speaking, CNC milling is used to complete a larger amount of milling workpiece processing equipment, CNC engraving machine is used to complete a smaller amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment.When buying, you should choose the machine according to your actual needs.

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