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What do we need to check for oscillating knife

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When we bought a oscillating knife, which situation was most worried about? The machine must be broken and needs repair. Generally speaking, the machine may have some minor faults due to long-term use, not cleaned up in time, and no maintenance. We only need to check and maintain it when the fault does not occur to avoid the problem. If there is a problem that we cannot solve, we must contact professional after-sales personnel to help solve the problem.
Today, ACCTEK will introduce to you what inspections we need to do on machines in our daily lives. Hope to help you, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For hoisting or moving operations, qualified professional personnel and professional hoisting, moving, or moving equipment or tools are required. Strict adherence to safe operating precautions must be followed before operation. Otherwise, it may cause injury or death to people or damage the machine
Electrical Safety
1.Use a power supply with the same rated voltage and frequency.
2.When the grid voltage exceeds ± 20% of the specified voltage, the equipment should not be continued to be used.
3.Before use, confirm whether the insulation of various wires and cables is damaged to avoid causing leakage and electric shock.
Regular maintenance and inspection
1.Power on and off operations should be performed by professionally trained operators.
2.The internal circuit remains in a high-voltage charging state for a short time after the power is turned off. Turn off the power before checking and wait 15 minutes to confirm that the charging lamp of each electrical appliance is off.
3.Do not use gasoline, thinner, alcohol, acidic and alkaline detergents, as the case may become discolored or damaged.
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Daily inspection:
1.Check the temperature, humidity, dust, foreign matter, etc.
2.Whether there is abnormal vibration and noise
3. Is the power supply voltage normal?
4.Is there a smell?
5.Is the air vent blocked?
6.Cleaning status of the cutting machine, cutters and electronic appliances in the case
7. Whether the electrical and electronic wiring is damaged
8.Whether the machine's feet are firmly fixed, and whether the machine has a large vibration
Periodic inspection :
1.Is there any looseness in the fastening part.
2.Whether the wiring is good
3.Whether the distribution box is overheating.
4. The guide rails and racks need to be lubricated (grease) once a week, and clean up the expensive fuel.
5..The knife rod has an oil filling port, and regularly add an appropriate amount of oil to the oil filling port.
6.The air intake of the fan needs to be cleaned regularly
7. Silent compressed air pump requires regular cleaning of the water in the compression tank
8.The felt platform should be checked for foreign matter before use every day to avoid damaging the blade.
9. The machine casing cannot be wiped with corrosive wipes, and the machine must be regularly dusted
Warnings: When the machine is finished, when the personnel leave, be sure to turn off the main power of the machine.

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