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What determines the price of laser cutting machine?

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With the rapid development of my country’s industry, this is also inseparable from the development of our science and technology. Laser technology is one of the more widely used technologies. As an indispensable cutting equipment in industrial processing, laser cutting machine uses It is also laser technology, so in the face of many laser cutting machines, their prices are different. Which aspects determine the price of laser cutting machines?
1. Cutting of thin plates
It is used in the processing of thin plates. This type of processing material is generally used for decoration, lamps, kitchenware, sheet metal parts, electrical cabinets, elevator panels, engineering boards, and high and low switch cabinets. The thickness of this type of material is 1-5mm Thick stainless steel plate materials, relatively thin plates, can be cut with a medium-power laser cutting machine. For cutting such materials, you can consider buying a YAG laser cutting machine or a 500W fiber laser cutting machine.
2. Cutting of thick plates
This type of material is generally used for large-scale industrial processing. The thickness of its material is generally 8-20mm low carbon steel and 12mm stainless steel. This type of material requires a high-power laser cutting machine to cut quickly and instantaneously. You can consider Buy high-power fiber laser cutting machine or high-power CO2 laser cutting machine. The price of this type of laser cutting machine is higher than that of a low-power laser cutting machine.
3. Cutting of other materials
In addition to cutting materials, laser cutting machines are also widely used in cutting plastic, rubber, wood, paper products, leather, and synthetic materials. Since these items are not metal products, the absorption of laser light is also different. So this kind of material can be cut by CO2 laser cutting machine.
4. Main configuration
   The laser cutting machine system generally consists of a laser generator, a beam transmission component, a workbench, a microcomputer numerical control cabinet, and a computer. As the core part of the laser cutting machine, the configuration of this laser generator determines the price of the laser cutting machine. At present, the domestic configuration of laser generators generally adopts domestic and imported configurations. This can be based on the factory. Actual budget to make corresponding choices
    There are many factors that determine how much a laser cutting machine is. In addition to the above, we also need to pay attention to the brand and after-sales service links when purchasing. This is more important for future equipment maintenance.

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