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Common woodworking tools for Woodworking CNC Router machine

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Woodworking cutters are tools that cut wood into the desired shape and size. Woodworking cutters can be classified to be used by hands and used by machines. Machine-used woodworking tools can be divided into five categories: woodworking saws, cutting blades, CNC router bits, drill bits and boring tools. Below we introduce three commonly used woodworking tools.

Woodworking mechanical saws

For the furniture and door panel processing industries, the material area is large and the thickness is high. After carving the pattern on the plate, it is usually necessary to perform a large number of straight-line cuttings on the plate. At this time, a professional tool is needed to complete the cutting of the plate.
ACCTEK has an auto tool change cnc router with a cutting saw. The 9.0KW ATC spindle is used for engraving and cutting normal materials; in addition, it is equipped with a 250mm diameter cutting saw, which can cut panels with a maximum thickness of 120mm at high speed, which is very suitable for the processing needs of furniture panels and door panels.

Woodworking router bits

Woodworking cnc router bits can have one or more flutes. Through the relative movement between the workpiece and the milling cutter, each flutes sequentially cuts off the remaining parts. Woodworking milling cutters are classified into two types: perforated set milling cutters and shank milling cutters according to the card loading method. Also there are integral type and blade insert type. Milling tools are widely used in the processing of planning, boring, cutting and engraving, nesting, etc.
Compared to CNC router bits used for metals, woodworking bits have larger rake angles and back angles to increase the front sharpness and reduce cutting resistance. Another feature is the smaller number of cutting teeth and the larger chip remove. In addition to high speed steel and alloy steel, woodworking cutters also use solid carbide, TCT, and PCD to increase productivity and tool life.

Woodworking drills

Woodworking drills are rod-shaped or helical cutters with cutting edges for processing holes. The difference between woodworking drills and woodworking end mills is that drills have no cutting edge on the side. In addition to the main cutting edge, the woodworking drill also has a sharp cutting edge on the outer side to cut the wood fiber and make the side of holes more flat.
The woodworking cnc router has many auxiliary tools, some of which are necessary, and some are added according to actual processing needs. No matter what kind of woodworking tools, the role of each is to improve material processing quality and processing efficiency.
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