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The development situation of laser cutting precision sheet metal

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At present, my country's CNC laser cutting technology has begun to take shape. The application and assistance of laser cutting in conjunction with sheet metal processing will become the key to improving the overall technological level of the domestic automotive industry. Laser cutting technology is accompanied by the development of the sheet metal industry. In development, the manufacturing of auto parts and the molding and manufacturing of auto bodies are the focus of laser cutting applications. Now the new technologies and new processes of laser cutting and sheet metal processing have become the magic weapon for manufacturers to win.
 The AKJ1325F-2 produced by our company uses Au3tech cutting head. The A200M sheet metal cutting head is a plane cutting within 2000W designed by the German brand A-cutter in 2018. The advantages are stability and reliability, high precision, good quality and long service life.
   Laser cutting has good cutting effect and precision, and it is very simple to operate. It has more obvious advantages than machine cutting, such as fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, high cut finish, low deformation, and heat-affected zone With features such as small size and high efficiency, cutting is now not only limited to two-dimensional plane cutting, but more towards three-dimensional cutting.
  The development momentum of the precision sheet metal processing industry is very fast, and its position and weight in the market are becoming more and more important. It not only brings huge economic benefits to our enterprises, but also brings convenience to the production and life of our residents. . With the advancement of science and technology, metal finishing capabilities continue to expand, and metal packaging boxes such as cabinets, electronic control boxes, etc. belonging to the metal processing industry belong to sheet metal processing parts, and their changes in demand also affect the demand for sheet metal processing. 
 Our company is committed to providing users with professional and reliable high-quality laser equipment. Before purchasing the machine, we will understand your needs in detail, and then recommend the appropriate power and configuration.
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