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The working process of the automatic feeding device of the laser machine

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The automatic feeding device of the laser cutting machine can significantly improve the production efficiency and reduce the manual labor. It is an indispensable auxiliary device for the automatic production line. In the production of laser cutting machines, automatic loading and unloading systems are common supporting equipment.
The automatic feeding system is composed of a lifter including a vacuum suction cup, fork teeth, and an exchange table including a raw material table, a waste table and a transmission mechanism.
Work process:
Loading: The raw material table transports the raw materials to the exchange area, and the vacuum suction cup of the elevator sucks up the raw materials (the raw materials are protected by fork teeth), and then they are moved to the cutting machine table to put down the raw materials.
Unloading: First, the laser cutting machine exchange table exchanges raw materials and waste, then the elevator moves down, the forks extend under the waste to pick up the waste, move to the exchange area, and place the waste on the waste platform.
The automatic feeding system is controlled by a preset program, which automatically completes the entire process from loading, unloading to unloading.
The automatic feeding laser cutting machine produced by our company adopts automatic roller table and feeding device, and adopts crawler worktable and negative pressure absorption conveyor to ensure the smoothness of the material during cutting. With the automatic feeding system, it can meet the requirements of continuous automatic batch cutting.

The company can provide services:
1. Engineers who can repair machinery overseas. The machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory and contains operating data.
2. One-year quality assurance, the main parts (except consumables) of the machine should be replaced free of charge if there is a problem (non-human reason) during the warranty period.
3. Free maintenance for life.Free training courses in our factory. 24 hours a day online service, free technical support. If necessary, engineers can also provide door-to-door service.
4. Consumable parts that need to be replaced, agency price.

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