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What are the advantages of buying a woodworking engraving machine
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    As we all know, the appearance of woodworking cnc router machine greatly facilitates people's life, increases work efficiency and shows better products.But in fact woodworking engraving machine itself also has a lot of advantages, let us take a look!
    1,Display machining track and simulation diagram
    (1)Visually display the processing process and observe the processing effect, so that the rationality of the processing effect can be investigated in advance, so as to reduce the trial cutting process and lower the processing cost.
    (2)the processing scheme can be evaluated, to help you choose a reasonable processing process.
    2,breakpoint memory function
    You can use this feature to keep the work going when your equipment suddenly loses power (or breaks the knife, or because half of the material is not finished, or some areas still need further work).
    3,optimized arc instruction
    Carve a circle as quick as carve a straight line, the section is very smooth after using circular arc instruction, carve a curve more quickening and smooth, the effect of relief is better, and there is no pause in the carving process.
    4,It is compatible with all kinds of excellent carving software in the world
    Connect the world's excellent carving software, such as: MASTERCAM (mold industry), ARTCAM (relief industry), can also be compatible with domestic carving software, such as fine carving DP, Wen Tai and so on.
    5,can be directly generated G code for editing
    When the user's G code needs further modification, it can be read directly (open in WINDWS Notepad format), making it easier for you to manipulate the file
    6,Woodworking engraving machine can be programmed by itself
    You can edit some neat programs directly to test the performance of the device, or you can call in advanced users for special needs
    7,processing time
    The program greatly facilitates your choice of machine purchase. By comparing the same piece of workpiece, you can then choose the product you are satisfied with. If you need to mass produce the product, you can budget your processing time.It can also help you choose an efficient processing mode.
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    Now that we understand the woodworking engraving machine so many benefits, is it want to buy it, don't worry, let us see in the purchase of engraving machine need to know what aspects.
    Experienced people know that the wood carving machine specialized in woodworking industry, but it has a variety of models, such as decoration, soft, hard package coffin coffin, wardrobe and panel furniture, wooden door cupboard door so to realize their first before buying or to do trade, hollow out beautiful case, adornment is decorated the main do so with a single head or yituo three woodworking engraving machine, soft package hard package industry is used three process engraving machine and laser engraving machine, coffin coffin for double or three general woodworking engraving machine, can be detached or yituo type, wooden door cabinet door will use three or four process engraving machine,And wardrobe and board furniture industry needs four working procedures of material opening machine or disc type automatic tool opening machine.
    Generally speaking, woodworking engraving machine is mainly divided into standard and high with two kinds, and spindle motor, driver, work system and control system of advanced accessories, here involved in the price of high and low, so the user should make a decision according to their own economic situation.
    The price quoted by each woodworking carving machine factory has high have low, but general and market price will not be too much wrong, if really wrong too much, then you should be more careful, or the configuration is shoddy, or poor or no after sales.
    4,After sales service
    After-sales service is for users to buy woodworking cnc router machine after, so generally for users to say it is difficult to make a judgment, this is about to see the carving machine factory in the local public praise, so spend more time to see, there is no harm.
    Above is the purchase of woodworking engraving machine four key words, as long as we remember these four points, will not be cheated when buying.


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