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What is the difference between the vacuum table and the ordinary table?
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Woodworking engraving machine is a kind of high-tech automatic numerical control equipment that emerged with the development of modern numerical control and the needs of the woodworking industry. It is widely used in furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical instruments, and wooden crafts industries. When you buy a woodworking engraving machine, you will find that the tabletop of the woodworking engraving machine has two types: ordinary aluminum profile and vacuum adsorption tabletop. How to choose? Which countertop is more suitable?

In terms of material fixation:

The woodworking engraving machine of ordinary aluminum profile uses fixture fixing materials. After loading the material, the technician fixes the four sides of the plate through multiple fixtures, so that there will be no shaking during engraving, resulting in errors in engraving, and for the vacuum adsorption table For the woodworking engraving machine, you just need to push the material on the table and don't care about it. When cutting the material, you only need to push it gently to cut the material. One of the major advantages of using vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine is that it is convenient to load and unload materials and save time.

In terms of price:

The cost has risen, and the price will naturally be expensive. The vacuum suction woodworking engraving machine has an additional vacuum pump and a rubber table, and the power of the spindle motor has also increased, so the price has increased by several thousand yuan. Of course, if you do wooden doors, cabinet doors and wardrobes , The use of ordinary tabletop woodworking engraving machine is definitely not enough, we must choose vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine.

In terms of power consumption:

Compared with the woodworking engraving machine with aluminum profile tabletop, it is obvious that the vacuum-absorption engraving machine consumes more power, so everyone should take this into consideration when considering the style selection. The above three points are the main differences between the two models. If it is mainly used for hollowing and embossing, under the situation of tight economic strength, the editor recommends choosing a woodworking engraving machine with ordinary countertops, if it is a wooden door cabinet door and If the whole house is customized, you must choose a woodworking engraving machine with a vacuum adsorption table.
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