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Laser marking machine used in cable industry

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With the development and maturity of laser technology, laser marking machines are more widely used in various industries, and the marking on the surface of wires and cables is also done more by laser marking. By marking the corresponding date, batch number, brand logo, serial number, QR code and other information on the outer surface of wire and cable products, manufacturers can avoid counterfeiting of products by some unscrupulous merchants. In this way, the current cable market can be well regulated, and it can also play an important role in improving the quality of wires and cables.
laser marking machines

Advantages of laser marking machine application in cable industry

1. Laser marking is more flexible and accurate
The process of using laser to mark the outer surface of the cable is controlled by computer software, which is not only flexible in processing, but also can ensure that any type of marking can be accurate and reduce the error rate of cable product processing.
2. Laser marking has the characteristics of permanent marking
In the past, marking on cables was mainly through inkjet coding. Since many cables have been used for several years or even decades, and many cables are used in outdoor environments, this traditional inkjet coding method is easy to make the marks wear, fade or even disappear. Using a laser marking machine to mark the information on the cable, no matter what the environment is, no matter how long it is used, the pattern can be permanently non-fading.
3. Laser marking can complete the marking of ultra-fine characters
We all know that the cable is a very thin product, so if it is necessary to mark the production date or QR code on the surface of the cable, it is very difficult to achieve an accurate effect. Fiber laser marking machine can engrave ultra-fine patterns because of its small focus spot and small processing heat-affected zone, which makes it possible to mark difficult patterns on cables.
4. The cost of laser marking cables is lower
As the demand for cables increases, the traditional method of inkjet coding means that a larger amount of consumables needs to be consumed, which is an uncompressible cost for manufacturers. The laser marking machine only consumes a small amount of power and does not require other consumables. Therefore, the more cables to be marked, the lower the cost of the laser marking machine.
It can be seen that laser marking technology is a key technology in cable manufacturing. At present, the performance of laser marking machines is very mature. Due to its advantages of high marking precision, fast speed and good effect, the application of laser marking machines in the cable industry is gradually increasing. Users can use the laser marking machine to clearly mark various characters or patterns such as product specifications, certification information, and anti-counterfeiting codes on the cable. Especially for users who have higher requirements for marking effect, laser marking machine is the best choice.
laser marking machines

Precautions for laser marking machine operation

1. Before using the laser marking machine, first read the machine instruction manual carefully and operate the machine according to the correct steps.
2. When the laser marking machine is working, do not put your hands under the laser to avoid injury.
3. Before marking the cables, conduct a marking test to ensure that the marking text and pattern are correct before performing batch marking.
4. Do not turn on the laser marking machine when the cooling system is abnormal, and do not let the power supply work without load. When a phenomenon occurs on the machine, first turn off the power switch of the vibrating mirror and the power switch of the key.
5. Keep the inner circulating water always clean. Clean out the water tank regularly and replace it with clean deionized or purified water.
6. When maintaining the laser marking machine, in addition to cutting off the switching power supply, it is also necessary to perform high-voltage discharge treatment to prevent the risk of electric shock. Make sure to complete these operations before taking repair measures.
Although the handheld laser marking machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain, everyone needs to follow the precautions when using the machine, so as to ensure the safety of the operator and ensure the good operation of the machine.

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