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What will I do with the CNC router machine
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Before understanding what the CNC Router can do, let's take a look at its basic composition and working principle.
In their most basic form, a CNC router consists of four components, the cutting bed, the spindle, the drive system and the controller. The cutting bed supports the material while it’s being cut. The spindle tool is the part which does all the cutting. The drive system is essentially an arm which connects to the spindle allowing it to move in three directions while the controller tells the arm which direction to move the spindle.
cnc router
On most CNC routers the drive system allows the spindle to move and cut in three directions along the X, Y and Z-axis. The X-axis runs from right to left, the Y-axis runs from back  to forth and the Z-axis runs up and down. This allows the machine to carve some very complex shapes much more accurately and quickly than a machine operated by a human.
Because the CNC router machine is easy to operate, the carving and cutting accuracy is high, and the production speed of the shop can be improved. This makes CNC router incredibly popular equipment in workshops of all sizes. So what industries can CNC router machines be used for and what works can they do?

Furniture industry

woodworking cnc router
The most common work of CNC router machine is to carve and cut wood, so it is widely used in the furniture industry. Furniture such as desks, dining tables, and door panels can be quickly cut through the cnc router to complete the basic sheet workpieces. If your client needs a custom-made furniture, it is a good way to use an cnc machine to engrave unique patterns on the furniture. According to your system settings, the CNC carving machine can accurately engrave any pattern you want to present.
If your shop specializes in the production of tables and chairs, it is necessary to add a rotary axis device. The wood carving machine processes wooden boards for you, and the rotary axis processes cylindrical materials such as table legs and chair legs for you. An efficient CNC router machine will bring more customers to your shop.

Advertising industry

Advertising cnc router
CNC router machines are also widely used in the advertising industry. Signs made of various materials can be seen everywhere in life, and the cnc router is considered to be the best choice for making signs. It can engrave, cut and hollow out common materials such as acrylic, wood, medium-density fiberboard, and foam.
ACCTEK small size automatic tool-changing cnc router is a common machine for making various signs. The ATC CNC Router AKG1212C lathe adopts industrial-grade cast iron structure, which is not easy to deform and has higher strength. The working table of the machine is 1200×1200×200mm, which can fully meet the needs of advertising materials and decorative materials. This machine is equipped with an auto tool changer. Compared with manual tool change, it has higher carving quality and faster cutting speed, and is favored by more advertising production industries.

Handicraft industry

The range of crafts you can make with the CNC router machine is almost unlimited, such as picture frames, holiday decorations, plaques, home furnishings, souvenirs, etc. If you want to engrave 3D crafts, then a 4 axis or 5 axis cnc machine may be more suitable for your needs.
In addition to the industries mentioned above, the cnc router machine can also be used in various industries such as children's toys, musical instruments, cabinets, and mold making. So if you haven’t already added a CNC machine to your workshop inventory, now is the time to think seriously about making the investment.

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