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How to select advertisement engraving machine
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    Advertisement engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and large power engraving machine.Advertisement engraving machine commonly used for engraving: name plate, modeling, steel mold, furniture carving, gift, souvenir, handicraft, signboard, signboard making, hand board, punching, printing factory knife mold, advertisement word cutting, engraving advertisement light box making, etc
    From the function of advertising engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine two categories.
    Small power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine with small engraving motor power, because of its engraving motor power is small, each time can only be used for cutting surface less fine processing.For example: badge, sand table model, handicraft surface processing and so on.This type of engraving machine can not do high power engraving and cutting.
    High-power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine whose motor power is above 700W.This kind of engraving machine can not only carry out small power engraving, but also carry out large power engraving.For example: making crystal word, all kinds of advertising signs, plate irregular under the material molding, artificial stone processing.Because of its high power,
    If you are applying in this industry, be sure to purchase a engraving machine that can perform high power engraving to meet the needs of this industry.

    Carving material
    1. Engraving materials are commonly used
    Two-color board, organic board (Acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, density board, ABS
    2. Engraving materials are not commonly used
    Metal materials (iron and steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, etc., mainly used in mold manufacturing industry), rubber, cowhide, stone, fire board, cardboard, aluminum-plastic board, copper-clad board, resin board and other composite materials, ox horn seal, copper seal, steel seal, rubber seal, etc
    3. Applicable scope
    Hand-cut breastplate, modeling, steel, furniture, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signs, signs, hand making, punching, printing cutting die cutting, carving, advertising light boxes, advertising words, as the material in the process of machining and processing way, also have different working parameters of cutting tool and should make appropriate adjust the engraving machine, shall, according to the design of the machine USES to processing materials, long processing inappropriate material is easy to cause the loss of the precision of the machine.
advertisement engraving machine
    1, to pay attention to the engraving machine function, engraving machine engraving motor has high power and small power.Some engraving machine power is small only suitable for the processing of materials such as two-color board, building model, small sign, three-dimensional handicraft, etc. This technology has been popular for a period of time, but because the engraving power is too small and greatly affected its application range.
    The other is a high-power engraving head engraving machine, this engraving machine is divided into two categories, one is a large scale engraving machine: the format is generally more than one meter, but the precision of this engraving machine is generally poor;The other is the medium size engraving machine: this engraving machine is generally used for fine processing and organic sign making.
    Advertising engraving machine is the perfect unity of the two.The combination of high rigid frame and aviation aluminum ensures its stability, bearing weight and strong stability, making the machine run smoothly and durable. The import of high-precision ball screw and linear rolling adjustable clearance guide makes the dynamic accuracy further improved.
    2, to understand the performance and function of the engraving motor, the engraving head motor of the engraving machine is also very critical, because the engraving head motor is generally not under warranty, and the engraving head motor is a long time continuous work, so if the engraving head motor is not good will affect the use of the engraving machine.
    3, in addition is the engraving head motor speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is thousands to 30,000 RPM, if the speed is not adjustable or the speed adjustable range is small, then it means that the engraving machine application range is very limited, because different materials must use different engraving head speed.
    4, engraving machine body manufacturing process: the work of high-power engraving machine requires the body must be precise and stable, so long-term high-power engraving should adopt the casting body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.
    5, the controller is generally divided into two types: one type of controller is only to do the drive, and all its computation work is done by the computer, the computer is in a waiting state when the engraving machine is working, unable to do typesetting work.The other type of controller is controlled by a single board machine or a single chip microcomputer. This controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can immediately do other typesetting work, especially when carving for a long time, the advantage is particularly obvious.
    6, screw and guide is also an important part of the engraving machine good screw and guide is the engraving machine long-term use of its accuracy and performance guarantee.
advertisement engraving machine

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