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How can I select a satisfactory laser machine
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    Laser engraving machine selection skills and use characteristics
    Laser can be processed through glass and other transparent materials, such as the vacuum tube inside the device for welding, etc
    (1) The laser can form micron-level spots by focusing, and the output power can be adjusted, so it can be used for precise micro-machining;
    (2) It can reach the average machining accuracy of 0.01mm and the highest machining accuracy of 0.001mm, and the value of surface roughness can reach 0.4-0.1um.
    1. Power of laser tube.Laser engraving machine as the name implies and laser tube has a lot to do with the power of laser tube to a large extent determines the effect of the finished product engraving.
    This is not the power of the laser tube is better, but some materials if the power of the laser tube is relatively large, it will cause a bad effect.Therefore, appropriate laser tube should be selected according to the material. For example, the engraving of acrylic and two-color plate does not require too high power laser tube, but the engraving of wood and stone and the cutting of other materials may require high power laser tube, so as to get twice the result with half the effort.
    2. Reputation and good after-sales service.It depends on how well the customer knows the market and the industry.The quality of after-sales service has a direct impact on the production efficiency, if the machine bought will never know the fault, directly caused the production to stop, can not work, so after-sales service maintenance is very important.So customers when selecting a laser engraving machine products should actively understand the market, market analysis and analyze which manufacturers produced machine is better, the prestige is guaranteed, which manufacturer of machine quality pass, engraving effect is better, the data must be di at that time, only mastered these, in can choose when buying.
    To sum up, in the choice to buy laser engraving machine products, must understand the content of these aspects, only to understand, master, in the choice of laser engraving machine will not appear clumsy, will be able to do a job with ease, according to their own actual situation, make the right choice.

    The most important difference between mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine is the difference in the way of engraving and forming. Laser engraving machine USES laser light source as the engraving energy.And cutting tool engraving is the use of metal cutting tools to engraving, the type of cutting tools, specifications are very high requirements.
    The difference between the two is mainly as follows
    1. In terms of engraving precision, laser engraving is more accurate than cutting tool engraving, because the laser engraving light source diameter is very small;And the tool engraving itself the tool has a certain knife width, so in addition to the accuracy of the quality of the machine itself also includes the accuracy of the tool requirements.
    2. Choose the carving material. It is difficult to make deep carving on the metal material, or only the coating sculpture on the metal surface;And the machine can achieve a certain depth of engraving, or even cutting.
    3, non-contact processing objects, for plane carving, there is no need to fix the workpiece;And because it is contact engraving, so the workpiece is required to be fixed.
    4, the laser tube has a certain life time, and there is no mechanical time limit, but will also appear the wear of the tool, in the case of serious wear is necessary to replace the tool
    5. In plastic engraving, laser engraving may produce poisonous gas, which requires a specific air purification system to discharge waste gas into the air;The cutter engraving machine will not pollute the air.
    6. Very good at carving photos, you can carve photos in PG format, but you can't do this.
laser machine
mechanical engraving machine

    Maintenance of laser engraving and cutting machine
    1, linear guide lubricating oil: laser engraving machine used for a period of time, engraving, cutting produced smoke, dust on the guide has a corrosive effect, so it is necessary to maintain the guide regularly.Turn off the laser engraving power, clean the guide rail with a clean soft cloth, and then drip lubricating oil on the guide rail. After lubricating oil is finished, let the slider roll back and forth in the guide rail to ensure that the lubricating oil enters the inside of the slider.After oiling, let the slider roll back and forth in the guide rail. At this time, install the guide rail first. Pay attention to not fixing the guide rail first, install all the fixing nails and keep them horizontal.
    2. Wipe the reflector focusing mirror: After using the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine for a period of time, smoke and dust will adhere to the surface of the lens, affecting the engraving and cutting depth, as well as the engraving and cutting accuracy.Generally in a week or so (according to the use of laser cutting machine engraving machine frequency) with anhydrous alcohol will be three mirrors, a focusing mirror carefully wipe clean.
    3, bearing oiling: laser cutting machine to use a lot of bearing, in order to ensure good cutting, carving effect, part of the bearing need regular gas (except oil bearing), with a clean soft cloth wipe off the eluvial soil on the bearing, the oil suction needle by needle, and then inject slowly with the needle bearing, slowly rotating bearing when filling in.
    4. Elastic adjustment of synchronous belt (belt) : There are several synchronous belts in the driving system of laser cutting machine. If the belt is too loose, the engraving font will appear double image.If the belt is too tight, the belt will wear out.After use for a period of time, please adjust the tensioning screw of the synchronous belt, adjust the synchronous belt to the appropriate elastic, engraving text does not appear double shadow, and laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine running noise is very low, or consult the technical staff of the manufacturer.
    5, the maintenance of the laser tube, laser engraving machine, laser tube is the use of circulating water cooling, use for a long time, the tube there will be some white scale, we can join a small amount of vinegar in the circulating water, drain away the tube, and then use clean water to laser tube inner loop washed clean, laser tube will be in the best working state, life will be extended.

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