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How to maintain a CNC router

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CNC router maintenance

Routine maintenance of CNC router is very important. Develop a good maintenance habit, can make the CNC router to maintain a good state of responsibility, greatly prolong the service life of CNC router.
CNC router summer maintenance
If your CNC router is temporarily not needed, it should be refueled and emptied as needed to ensure transmission system flexibility. After refueling, walk slowly back and forth to ensure that smooth oil is evenly added to the guide rail and lead screw.
CNC router winter maintenance
First clean the guide rail and lead screw waste, then clean the guide rail and lead screw oil and waste. Due to the low temperature, guide rail and lead screw can be loaded with oil. It's best to add antifreeze oil.
The impact of winter temperatures on the water environment is not very good for the CNC router (but because some customers butter the lead screw in summer and forget to clean it, the machine cannot be turned on every time it starts up, and some rooms are very cold, although the oil is added, it is still frozen, so the machine cannot operate). Therefore, the ambient temperature of the workshop should be ensured as far as possible, and it is best to reach the normal room temperature, at least the supervisors will not be very cold. Check the temperature applicable to the refueling range and reach at least the maximum temperature. When the machine is not in production, if the room temperature is low, it is best to pour water into the tank to avoid frostbite of the tank and pipe.
CNC Router Maintenance

Daily maintenance of CNC router machine

1. Many customers often forget to replace the water pumped by the CNC router, especially in summer, due to the high outdoor temperature, the spindle motor is difficult to cool. Here we especially remind customers: cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of spindle motor. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause great harm to the motor, so as to ensure the cleaning of the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump. Pay attention to the water level, do not make the water-cooled spindle motor short of water, so that the motor heat output can not be timely. Pay attention to the surrounding temperature. Especially in winter, water tanks and pipes cracked because of the extreme cold of the water.
2. After the cnc machine has been running for a day, first take off the engraving tool and let the spindle chuck lock nut in a relaxed state, which is helpful to prolong the service life of the spindle chuck.
3. After each use of the cnc router, be sure not to forget to clean it up. After the sheet is processed, dust may be left on the drive system, which must be cleaned up. Then we start to clean the work surface, which can be cleaned with a brush; note that it is best not to accumulate debris on the work surface to avoid deformation of the platform.
4. Regularly lubricate the transmission system every week, or if you need it, you can also buy a cnc wood router with an automatic oil filling system. The CNC machine with automatic oil injection system can automatically lubricate with oil only by setting the interval time and oil injection time.
5. When performing maintenance and inspection on the electrical parts, be sure to cut off the power supply first, and wait until the monitor does not display and the indicator light of the loop power supply has been extinguished, and then operate.

The importance of vacuum cleaner to CNC wood router

CNC router vacuum hose is the support of all the important equipment vacuum system, such as some wooden door, furniture carving manufacturers use the most woodworking machinery. PU hose is the hose for industrial vacuum cleaner. Mainly used for dust, powder, fiber, debris and particles, gas liquid and other abrasive solid environment, used for dust absorption workshop, paper and textile fiber suction and transport. It plays an important role in improving the working environment and physical health of the buyer.
Xinpu steel wire hose for CNC wood router is very wear-resistant. The copper plated wire enhances the strength of the hose, which is resistant to low pressure, vacuum and shrinkage. High axial strength, smooth material escort, with good chemical resistance. The sawtooth radius is about 3 times of the outside diameter, which can generate static electricity. Structure: inner wall coated with solid elastic copper wire, top polyether polyurethane, inner wall thickness 0.6-0.9mm, inner wall lubrication; More than 10 times higher than ordinary PVC hose, hose wear resistance is good.
CNC wood router temperature: about -30℃ to +90℃, short time to +150℃. Whether used in winter or summer, it will not become hard or soft, thus affecting the effect of use. PU steel hose can be customized food grade hose. Hose walls are environmentally friendly and odorless, helping you reduce dust and sawdust.
CNC engraving machine vacuum cleaner

Woodworking CNC router processing technology

How to operate the woodworking CNC router, the woodworking CNC router use process, for the customer to operate the woodworking CNC router provides a set of accurate steps, this part belongs to the CNC router tutorial. General woodworking CNC router usage process tells you, then updates the tutorial in more detail.
1. Make the carving path
According to the needs of the customer to develop the appropriate engraving path. The first way is to make your own drawings and engravings; The second way is to get a professional draftsman to do it; The third method is to make scanners and pointer instruments.
2. Simulate modeling path to ensure correct path
This is a very safe way to buy real wood furniture from a CNC router manufacturer. Sometimes, due to a small error, the carving path is incorrect. At this point, simulate the carving path, determine the correct carving path, reduce the processing error rate.

CNC router machine features

1. CNC router spindle speed is high for the processing of small tools, torque is relatively small, focus on the "engraving" function, such as wood (specialized processing of wood called wood CNC router), double color board, acrylic board hardness is not high board, not suitable for strong cutting large pieces. At present, most of the products on the market under the banner of cnc router machine are mainly for processing handicrafts, low cost, due to low precision, not suitable for mold development. But there are exceptions such as mold cnc engraving machines.
2. High speed cutting machine tool is used to complete the medium milling amount, and to reduce the milling grinding amount to the minimum processing equipment.
3. The non-moving part is very rigid and the moving part is very rigid and as light as possible.
Advantages: the correct use of CNC machine can play a high efficiency, low cost, so that the grinding quantity into a minimum. If you don't use it correctly, you'll soon have a mountain of tool waste.

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