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Common Problems for CNC Router Machine and How to Adjust

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As we know that CNC machines are the most dependable and long-lasting parts of equipment for any woodworker. However, just like other machines, this machine too can develop issues over time. Maybe it can be due to the user’s wrong usage or due to lack of maintenance. So there are steps that a user can take to keep them in good shape for its smooth working. Here we present the most common CNC machining problems.
1. Improper Tools or Settings
Improper cutting tool, the tool tip is damaged and not sharp, or improper cutting coolant/lube, these will cause the poor surface finish on the part, and even leave cutter mark on the material, which speeds up the tool wear at the same time. In addition, when the feed rate is too low, the part will remain in the path of cutting tool longer than the required time, resulting in the workpiece being burnt. If the feed rate is too high or the cutter needs to be replaced, it’s easy to leave rough edges and raised marks. Wrong specifications may cause burns to tools.
Replace the tool with a new one if it’s blunt ;
Choose the right tool and setting according to the characteristics of the material;
Adjust the settings to proper specification for particular cutting tool.
2. Poor Maintenance
If the CNC machines are not been cleaned and lubricated, dirt and debris will be built up on the equipment and affect the location and clamping of parts, and output of the machine, then causes reduced accuracy and precision. In addition, poor output and blockage prevent air circulation, resulting in spindle overheating during the process, and the machine is easy to be damaged.
Clean and maintain the machine in use regularly;
Check levels of coolants or airflow.
3. Automatic Tool Changer Problems
Occasionally, you may face challenges with the automatic tool changer in your CNC Machine Tool. This could be resolved by learning every step of the tool changing process, and troubleshooting it by diagnosing what went wrong.
Check that the base, the gripper arm, tool holder, support arm and tool magazines are working properly and smoothly. Or examine the swivelling and mechanical arm action to see that they work properly. Do also keep the automatic tool changer and tool holders clean of chips and coolant.
4. Power Supply Problem
In many cases, it may happen that the CNC machine tool’s display or different parts might not work due to issues with the power supply.
To rectify this, one should make sure that adequate power and voltage is supplied to the input side. One should also check whether the output or secondary side is properly working or not.
In cases where there is no power or the voltage reading turns out to be low then considering to disconnect the output wires with the power off is a good idea. Moreover, one can check the power supply using power-up and if it wants to be sure of it then it can go through the rechecking process of the output side. They can also check whether the LED on the machines are working or not, and could also have a look at the fuses.
A stable power supply is a prerequisite for working with a CNC machine. It is the foundation for trouble-free operations performed by a CNC machine tool.
5. Overheating, Which Can Cause Your Entire CNC Machine to Fail

Your CNC machine can reach more than 150 degrees on the inside. Filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, which can push temperatures even higher. Of course, this can cause serious damage to your CNC machine.
Prevention mostly consists of routine maintenance. Have a regular schedule for clearing dirt and dust from your AC units and filters. Cutting fluids and metal shavings should be cleared away routinely, as they can contaminate your equipment.
Overheating rarely results from problems other than these. If you do this maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.
And if you routinely maintain your CNC machine, you won’t have to worry about any serious issues. Keep these five tips in mind as you do your work.

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