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How to choose the right CO2 laser cutting machine ?

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CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in engraving and cutting of various non-metallic materials. Because of its fast speed and high precision, it performs well in the modern laser industry. Choosing an efficient CO2 laser machine is an effective way to start or expand your business.
CO2 laser cutting machine is one of the most convenient cutting tools, but you need to understand many aspects to find the best choice for your requirements. So before choosing the right CO2 laser cutting machine, what are the key factors you need to consider?

What material do you want to cut or engrave?

In order to choose the most suitable CO2 laser cutting machine, you should first determine what material you intend to engrave and cut. The multifunctional CO2 laser engraving machine can engrave and cut various non-metallic materials, including wood, acrylic, MDF, cloth, leather, paper, etc. If you have already decided what material to process, then choose a CO2 laser engraving machine that is good at this material.

What is the maximum size and thickness of the material you need to process?

The maximum size of the material determines the size of the worktable of the laser cutting machine. The laser machine produced by ACCTEK can customize the worktable for you according to your processing needs. In addition, when the thickness of the material you need to engrave exceeds 23MM, you need to add a up and down table to the laser cutting machine. If you need to use a rotary axis device to engrave or cut cylindrical materials, the up and down table is also a must.

Consider the quality and cost of laser cutting machines

As for the price of CO2 laser cutting machine, please try to compare the price and configuration of the machine provided by different manufacturers. Not all laser cutting machines have the same quality. Different brands and configuration choices result in great differences in the quality of the cutting machine. Therefore, cheap engraving machines are not always the best for you. Only machines that are reasonably priced and suitable for your application are your best choice.

Reliable laser machine manufacturer and after-sales team

When you decide to buy a laser cutting machine, it is best to choose a factory rather than a trading company. The factory has a professional engineer team to help you after you buy the machine, it can provide you with professional guidance and advice. ACCTEK has a professional after-sales team that can provide you with operation training and technical support. If you are convenient, you can also visit our factory.

Make the correct market positioning.

This step must be considered before buying any CO2 laser engraving machine. Forward-looking, accurate market positioning and judgment of laser engraving products will be of great help to your business development. To this end, you can research which laser engraving crafts are the most popular and best-selling in the current market. In addition, you can also understand which products have prospects in the future market. Based on this, you can establish a clear business idea and choose the right CO2 laser engraving machine.
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