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You need to pay attention to these in the use of cnc router spindle!

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What to do if there is a failure in the use of the spindle

 The main shaft of the engraving machine is a very important part of the cnc router. Of course, it is also the main accessory that the cnc router must carry out. The bearing is prone to failure when the main shaft of the engraving machine often has problems, and some of them will be broken after a short time. Yes, there are many reasons for this problem, let us analyze how to deal with the problem of the spindle in the first time.
 First of all, the more important reason is that it is indeed due to the quality of the spindle of the engraving machine. If the quality is not enough, the latter will be equal to zero. The spindle itself will be unqualified when it is in use. The use of poor quality bearings will cause Under normal working conditions, the cnc router will not be able to engrave patterns, the engraved products are not fine, and other problems that will affect the quality of the product. The quality problem is that you need to choose a good brand before buying.
Secondly, the cooling of the engraving spindle is useless. The water cooling of the engraving machine spindle has a water circulation system. If the water circulation is not good for a long time, or the boiling water circulation is forgotten, the thermal expansion effect will occur over a long period of time, and the friction will increase, and the bearing will be very difficult. It's easy to break.
Furthermore, it is related to the specific operation of the cnc router. Some spindles start to engrave before the speed is reached, which is likely to cause damage to the bearing. Some customers have different resistance to the engraving material when engraving, and the speed of the engraving machine is not adjusted in time suffocated.
The last point is that for some areas with relatively cold all year round, anti-freezing measures in winter are also more important. For water-cooled spindles, anti-freezing measures must be taken in winter, otherwise the bearings will also be easily damaged.

How to better realize the water circulation of the spindle

   It is necessary to ensure that the power of the water pump can drive the water pump to carry out water circulation activities from low to high. If the power of the water pump is too small, it is necessary to replace the high-power water pump to drive the water circulation.
  The water medium circulating in the water pump is not replaced frequently. Some impurities are mixed in the water, which blocks the water inlet of the motor and reduces the pressure. Therefore, the water in the water pump needs to be replaced frequently. During long hours of work, a large amount of scale accumulates in the spindle motor, which hinders the normal flow of water. This is also the most common reason and the solution is to replace the water frequently.
 It is best to use pure water when possible, and to turn off the pump when the water is not flowing smoothly. Connect the air pipe of the air compressor to the water outlet, use high-pressure air to clean the residue inside the spindle, blow for a while, then turn on the water pump, wait until the water circulates for a while, and then repeat the above method, several times in a row, it is generally fine !

Pay attention to the change of water temperature during long-term processing. When the temperature is too high, pay attention to timely replacement of the water, because too high water temperature will reduce the performance of the motor and affect the processing efficiency.

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