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How to buy a suitable laser welding machine

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At present, laser welding machine is becoming more and more popular in the industrial market, and more and more industries are used. For laser welding machines, different configurations correspond to different effects, and the prices are naturally different. However, among many laser welding machine suppliers, is the more expensive the more suitable? the answer is no. So how to buy a suitable laser welding machine?

Confirm whether the product is suitable for laser welding

When you choose a laser welding machine, you first need to confirm whether your product is suitable for laser welding technology. Most laser welding machine manufacturers now provide free proofing services. You can tell the supplier the material you need to weld, and let them shoot a video of the welding process for you to confirm the welding effect.
Laser Welded Carbon Steel and Laser Welded Aluminum

Laser Welded Carbon Steel and Laser Welded Aluminum

Laser welding machine price

Before buying a laser welding machine, you should understand your own welding needs. To ensure that the laser welding machine can achieve workshop processing effects and bring benefits to the store, such welding equipment is what the store needs.
For laser welding machine manufacturers, the price of laser equipment has expensive and cheap. High-end weld equipment can make the processing effect more comprehensive and the welding effect better, but the price of such equipment is also more expensive. If your workshop does not have high requirements for the processing effect, it is recommended to choose the one with average performance, which can not only meet the metal welding needs of the workshop, but also save the budget for buying equipment.

Selection of laser welding machine power

The laser generator is the core of the laser equipment. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the laser welding machine, the deeper the welding depth, and the higher the price. For example: if the welding depth is required to be 0.5mm-3mm, then a 1000W laser welding machine can meet the demand.
But it should be noted that if it is penetration welding or spot welding, you can choose a 1000W laser welding machine; if it is continuous welding, it is best to use a laser with a higher power. It is more appropriate to choose a 1500W or 2000W laser welding machine.
If you are not sure which power laser welding machine to use, you can consult online and ACCTEK staff will help you.
Fiber laser welding machine

Choose the best laser welding machine supplier

First of all, it is necessary to judge whether it is a professional laser equipment manufacturer, so as to fully guarantee the quality of the machine. Secondly, the after-sales service of the laser welding machine provider is also very important. ACCTEKLASER provides free technical support and training. During the process of using the machine, we will answer technical questions for you at any time and help you quickly become an experienced laser welding machine operator.
Different types of laser welding machines have great differences in performance and price, so when buying welding equipment, you should choose according to your actual needs. Such equipment can create maximum value only if it can meet the welding needs of the workshop and remain within a reasonable budget.

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