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How much does a CNC Router Machine cost
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There are various types of CNC router machines on the market now, and their prices vary depending on a number of factors. This article introduces the cost of several common CNC router machines to help woodworking machinists and woodworking hobbyists buy cost-effective machines for a variety of tasks.

How much does a CNC router machine cost? What factors are related to the CNC router machine price?

CNC router machines are divided into different types according to user needs, and the cost is very different with different configurations. For example, the cost of a hobbyist CNC router machine is generally about 3,000 US dollars. This affordable small desktop CNC router machine is very suitable for woodworking beginners. The cost of professional CNC router machine ranges from 5000-100000.
The price difference of CNC router machine is so huge, which has a lot to do with the configuration of the CNC machine. Motor type (servo motor or stepper motor), spindle power (1.5KW-9.0KW), machine size, whether it has an automatic tool changer, etc. will affect the price of the CNC machine. Therefore, when choosing a CNC router machine, we should consider the actual needs more.
If the wood you are working on is small in size, then a small CNC router machine will do what you need for very little money. If you want a CNC router machine for furniture panel production, then you will need a powerful professional machine, or even better, an automatic tool change CNC router machine. 

Hobbyist and Beginner Woodworking Router Machine

If you are just getting into the woodworking CNC industry, you can buy a cheap desktop CNC router machine. ACCTEK has three types to choose from, namely AKM6090, AKM6012 and AKG1212. The size of these three CNC machine is 600×900mm, 600×1200mm, 1200×1200mm, and the machines of this size are suitable for processing advertising signs, handicrafts, children’s toys, models and other small wood products.
Small siz CNC router machine
These CNC machines meet your engraving and cutting needs at a very cheap price, around $2500-3500.

The best Woodworking Router Machine for your business

If you are a furniture maker, then it is recommended that you buy a big size woodworking CNC router  machine. AKM1325 (4×8ft) or AKM1530 (5×10ft) models can meet your needs. They can engrave, cut, drill, and mill wood. The rear of the machine is equipped with a feeding auxiliary wheel, which is convenient for feeding when processing large-sized plates and reduces the labor intensity of the staff.
wood CNC router machine
This standard CNC router machine can run for a long time, produce high-quality products, and cost only about 4500-6500 US dollars, which is a good choice for small woodworking enterprises.

Industrial ATC CNC Router Machine

If your business focuses on mass production of woodworking projects, then choosing an ATC CNC router machine will better improve the efficiency of the workshop. The AKM1325C ATC CNC router machine has an automatic tool changer, which is loaded with 8 different tools. When the machine engraves complex patterns, it can automatically grab the tool according to the program, and the tool change speed only takes a few seconds, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
ATC CNC router machine
And each ATC CNC router machine of ACCTEK is equipped with a double-bag dust collector, which can suck the sawdust waste into the dust bag during the process of cutting wood by the machine, reducing environmental pollution. Of course, the price of ATC CNC router machine is also more expensive, and the cost is about 10,000-20,000 US dollars. But for larger businesses, it can recover the cost of the machine for you faster and create greater benefits.
There are many types of CNC router machines, and the cost of different models varies greatly. Only by choosing the one that suits your needs can you ensure that the machine brings the greatest value.

If you are buying a CNC router machine for the first time, you can communicate online and get free purchasing advice.

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