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How much is the price of CNC metal engraving machine

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CNC metal engraving machine can meet your needs for efficient and high-precision metal mold production, so how much is the price of CNC metal engraving machine?

In today's Internet era, more and more people learn about the functions and advantages of CNC router machines through videos. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, users have increased processing requirements for many industrial products. Compared with traditional engraving tools, more efficient processing equipment is required. Especially for the engraving and hollowing out of metal materials, machining accuracy, speed and stability are very important. At this time, you need a special equipment for engraving various metals, that is, a CNC metal engraving machine. So what do you need to pay attention to and understand when buying this CNC machine tool?
To buy a CNC metal engraving machine, you must first understand your needs. What metal material needs to be engraved, and what is the thickness of the material that needs to be engraved. The power that the cnc metal engraver needs to be configured can basically be determined according to the processing material and thickness. These requirements must be made clear with the cnc metal engraving machine suppliers, so that the manufacturer can recommend suitable metal engraving equipment for you.

How much is the price of CNC metal engraving machine


Cheap metal cnc machine

Cheap metal cnc machine
The choice of configuration and components has a great influence on the metal cnc machine price. Machines with high configuration will naturally be more expensive. The cheap metal cnc machine AK4040, its worktable size is 400x400mm. This machine is equipped with 2.2KW water-cooled spindle, Mach3 controller and 450A stepper motor. All its axes are driven by Taiwan TBI ball screws, which can guarantee the high precision of the machine. The price of this small cnc metal milling machine is very cheap, you can buy it for only 3400 US dollars.

Heavy duty cnc metal engraving machine

CNC router machine for metal
There is also a cnc metal engraving machine AK4040H, which is characterized by a semi-closed heavy-duty steel structure design, which not only can see the metal processing process, but also has a certain safety protection effect. In addition, its workbench is made of sliding dust-proof metal plate, made of stainless steel, which is more dust-proof and rust-proof than ordinary countertops. The spindle of this cnc router machine for metal has been upgraded to a 3.2KW water-cooled constant torque spindle dedicated to metal engraving, with higher machining accuracy and durability than ordinary spindles. Therefore, the price of this CNC router machine for metal is a bit higher at $5000.

Best cnc machines for metal

Best cnc machines for metal
If you need to process metal workpieces more efficiently, then you can install an auto tool changer for your CNC metal engraver to improve its processing efficiency. This ATC CNC metal engraving machine is based on a heavy duty cnc metal engraving machine, an auto tool magazine carrying 4 tools is installed. When the machine is working, it can automatically change the tool to complete the processing of multiple processes without stopping the machine. The price of this CNC metal engraver is $9900. Because when the auto tool changer is added, its control system, drive system and other configurations need to be upgraded together to cooperate with the machine to complete high-precision engraving and cutting work. Best cnc machines for metal are more expensive.
In addition to the above types of metal engraving machine, you can also choose a fully enclosed structure for the machine, or a larger size workbench. Because metal cnc router metal engraving machine is mostly used to make metal molds, we usually also call it mold CNC machine, CNC mold making machine, and CNC machine for mold making.
The metal engraving machine produced by the ACCTEK factory can not only ensure high efficiency for the processing of metal workpieces, but also has a simpler operation interface, which can process various metal products quickly and stably.

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