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Advantages of handheld laser cleaning gun
The handheld laser cleaning gun is the core component of the laser cleaning machine. It is easy to use and simple to operate, which provides a guarantee for efficient laser rust removal. The application of the handheld laser cleaning gun reduces the labor intensity of cleaning workers, because it is very light and comfortable to hold, and even if it works for a long time, it will not be as tired as operating other traditional cleaning equipment.
Advantages of handheld laser cleaning gun
1. Large spot and extremely high frequency ensure the effect of laser rust removal.
2. The light exit hole of the laser cleaning gun adopts a U-shaped design, which reduces the chance of dust entering.
3. You can install a trachea device for the laser cleaning gun. This trachea will form an air curtain at the front of the cleaning head to isolate external contaminants. It has a good protective effect on the laser head lens and improves the service life of the lens.
It should be noted that when installing the trachea, be sure to reserve a certain distance between it and the laser cleaning head. This is to avoid direct irradiation on the air curtain when the spot is scanned, which will affect the laser rust removal effect.
4. During the entire laser rust removal process, no consumables such as sandblasting or chemicals are required, only a small amount of electricity is consumed, and the operating cost is very low. Industrial laser cleaning does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions and leaves no waste as the contaminated surface layers evaporate. In addition, the process of using the hand-held laser cleaning gun only requires wearing safety glasses, and does not need to wear a full set of personal protective equipment such as ventilated sandblasting respirator helmets and masks, and the operation is simpler and more convenient.
Choice of laser rust removal mode
The user can make the red light spot of the focus indicator of the laser cleaning machine coincide with the light spot, here is the best cleaning focus. If the focus red light is higher or lower, it belongs to defocus cleaning, and the energy is weak. If you are doing large area laser rust removal, you can choose the 450mm spot mode. If the area of ​​the material you need to clean is small, but needs to be done at high speed, you can choose the 50mm spot corner high frequency mode.
The operation of the hand-held laser descaling gun
Before you start laser rust removal, you need to wear laser safety glasses to protect your eyes from injury.
Next, hold the rust removal laser gun in your hand and simply point the laser beam at the metal surface you want to clean.
Finally, press the trigger button on the handle of the handheld laser rust removal gun. As the rust layer undergoes laser sublimation, laser cleaning begins. Laser sublimation only evaporates the top layer of rust without damaging the metal substrate.
The laser cleaning machine operator continues to move the laser cleaning beam to scan the entire surface area of ​​the metal being cleaned.
The laser cleaning gun has irreplaceable advantages. As the mainstream equipment for industrial cleaning, it is being used by more and more industries.

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